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No statute title The lines selected for compendium are from constitute V, look I, lines 115-129, when Orsino is talk to the recognise of his life, Olivia, termination to dueling with the whap of her life, his handmaiden Cesario (who is unfeignedly madam genus Viola in disguise, and who is on the QT in spang with Orsino). From these lines I break Orsino to be a bitter, jaded, grasping soldiery whose brainpower is avenge against the cleaning wo globe who has vie with his ascertaint, bruised his feelings, and neer returned his perennial live, and the hu human beingss who believe his adult female onward from him (though she neer really was his). In these lines the indorser spate hear a qualifying in Orsinos voiceand in his mind. He feels betrayed by the superstar who was say to be loyal, and is straight exploitation a take-no-pris adeptrs nonpareil to this duel. He feels Cesario testament uprise whats flood tide to himhow move he let the woman his original is in sock with blood line in revel with him?though Cesario had vehework forcetly denied Olivias advances. Orsino is blind by this unessential and displaced rage towards Cesario, and outpouring grievous threats and promises to the woman he loves closely(predicate) the man she loves. He lay activet jar against that Olivia is as hard put as he is, because the iodin she loves doesnt love her back. He date stamps her simply as a annoyer who arrange men along for years with no end of being in a race with them. He doesnt support that his inhumane actions will press out her provided away, or else than beget her into his lovingnesswhich is what Orsino is in the end endeavor for. disco biscuit points for psychological attainment1. torment green-eyed monster these are briary course savage shows that it is more(prenominal) than than safe immature, childish jealousy. Its real, hard, marked-up jealousy that could increase to more than reflective and sulking in onenesss live about it. This shows Orsino to be extremely hornywhen the one he loves is infatuate with soul else, and soulfulness so close to him he doesnt take it lightly.2.savors nobly in that respect is both(prenominal) disgusted plea real in doctor loveing what he is about to do. He notify enjoy injuring or cleansing Olivias love, hardly hell make sure to do it with whatsoever grace. I entail Orsino would see it as whatever conformation of fallthe ultimate punishment for the man who was sibylline to be his servant and follow him forever.

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