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What is OPSEC and Why Do We Have It What is OPSEC? Its a exploit of treasureing abruptlysighted pieces of tuition that mogul grouped to growher to establish the larger picture. It is besides protecting tiny selective reading deemed c be essential for military commanders. It is pa gotly denying your adversary the info that they might demand to harm you or the mission. The AR that c e trulyw presents OPSEC is AR 530-1 and goes everyplace purposes, responsibilities, policy, procedures, training requirements, OPSEC review, perspicacity, survey, contract and hire off requirements and special access programs.The reasons why we establish OPSEC is be own whatsoever spanking instruction that the opp adeptnt endure get their hands on crapper lay down them an advantage on the battle field or effects. Those little pieces of culture could show the foe the sufficient picture of what it is that we plan to execute. Most feignt get along what is considered vital sc hooling. intend to the highest degree(predicate) it, what would you like to know al closely your rival and how to infiltrate, interfere or expose their objective. How ab place where you argon button, when you be going, how be you moving, what equipment that you entrust be using and redden what paths befuddle you interpreted in the lead. horizontal your wholes short letter experience underside be a spark of the culture they pot fulfill on. Certain discovering attach such(prenominal) as your unit patch, or any other unit/ battalion identifiers lavatory evening hold up cultivation. For instance the oppositeness is looking at the patch and spate look up through Google and as accredited out what unit you atomic number 18 with and remark open eyes and ears to see if they quite a little get any information on what your purpose is and where you exit be. until now pickings pictures in certain places depose give the opponent a layout of an ara.Its no n keen-witted to wreak pictures of equipment, it would non be hard with the information highway to key out any they contract to know about certain functions of our equipment and their shadowy muscae volitantes as rise up. In this day in age we r each(prenominal) the social media communicate that open fire overly help the enemy track and get information. How OPSEC tincts family and social net createing We entirely have friends and family that want to know what you atomic number 18 doing provided in that location atomic number 18 except so galore(postnominal) things that you can utter them without violating OPSEC.You atomic number 18 non the single one who pick outs to sympathise why there is OPSEC, your family emergencys to under project its importance as intumesce. Any information you give them and they adorn out there can affect you and them. The military offers family members who are curious about OPSEC classes and drafts at the FRG meetings. They go over what it stands for and why its so consequential in the military. at that place are likewise links on the internet that beg off and answers a grass of questions they whitethorn have. in that respect is also a Facebook page that family members can go on, its c on the wholeed Army exploit guarantor. Your family has to empathise that there is only so to a greater extent you can tell them and even what you do tell them they dont charter to be telling others or wit it on Facebook. Without thinking they could accidently put the information out without knowing if the person they told is the enemy or a spy. You know what they conjecture keep your friends close and keep your enemies closer.The enemy thinks the same way and testament do whatever it take outs to get the information they need to plan and infiltrate our effects. Families are the biggest goat for our enemies to infiltrate and get information. One much grievous thing to think about is the enemy could be any one, American or even your family you never know. There are umpteen reasons why we have OPSEC but not taking the proper measures can solving in serious soil or death to effect, damage to weapons systems, equipment and facilities, bolshie of bare-assed technologies and mission failure.The process of OPSEC There is a process to OPSEC as well the subjects that are covered are designation of scathing information, analysis of panics, analysis of vulnerabilities, assessment of risk, an application of enchant OPSEC measures and assessment of insider knowledge. designation of critical information is the process of identifying what information is needed by the enemy, not so much protecting everything that is classified or sensitive unclassified, but protecting what is much vital and would be more helpful to the enemy.Analysis of threats is the research and analysis of intelligence, counterintelligence and open blood information on the plausibly enemies of a be after operation . Analysis of vulnerabilities is to examine sever everyy and every aspect of the planned operation and try to identify certain OPSEC indications that could uncover critical information and then par those index fingers with the enemy intelligence collection capabilities employ in the previous work ons that they have taken in the past. opinion of risk is where they first crumble the vulnerabilities identified in the previous action and see what OPSEC measures can be taken to frustrate the opportunity of the enemy getting information, and then those measures are selected for execution found upon a risk assessment stain by the commander and staff. Application of appropriate OPSEC measures is when the command implements the OPSEC measures selected in the assessment of risk, action, or in the case of planned in store(predicate) operations and activities, which holds the measures in ad hoc OPSEC plans. sagacity of Insider friendship is assessing and ensuring employees, co ntractors, and key strength having access to critical or sensitive information bore and maintain proper OPSEC measures by organizational security elements whether by Open Assessment or Covert Assessment in order to evaluate the information creation processed and / or handled on all levels of operation ability (the employees/mid-level/senior management) and pr topic unintended/intentional disclosure. These are all important gaits that are taken to implement those measures to use as spends.All this information that they gather and analyze gives us the thought of what the enemy is looking, what they have done in the past and what they may plan in the future. We have briefs annually that go over such information that they gather and the measure to prevent them from falling again. We even sign a nondisclosure agreement later we are briefed on what we are not supposed to do when we have information that is mission critical. Basically they go over the does and donts in this brie f and we are bound in contract not to disclose any of this information to whom it doesnt concern.Later in this essay, you get out know the consequences to violating the nondisclosure agreement. Indicators and Vulnerabilities There are other forms of analyzing ways that the enemy would get information and create weak spots in our operations or mission tasks, they are Indicators and Vulnerabilities. Indicators, consists of five characteristics which are signatures, associations, visibilitys, descents and exposures. A signature can cause certain indicators to be identifi suitable and stand out.If a signature is funny and stable, it reduces the unclear and uncertainty of a particular indicator and reduces the number of additional indicators that must be detect in order to stipulate the significance. If the indicators signature is stable, nub that the behavior is constant and repeated, an adversary may accurately predict future actions. By varying the pattern of behavior, the sig natures stability can be cut off and increase the uncertain information of an enemies manifestations. An association is the relationship that an indicator has to other information or activities.Adversarial Intelligence analysts spend a considerable amount of epoch compare current observations with past observations, which may identify possible relationships. For example, an look outr may descent a particular employee report to work after hours. Though previous observation, the Analyst is aware of that employees position as an on-call computer forensics analyst. Given the association betwixt those two observations, the Adversarial Intelligence Analyst could conclude that the organization has suffered a computer fall apart of some sort.An association can also take the form of a pattern. For instance, if it is observed that we do a test flaming on our weapons before rolling out the gate to go on mission, an analyst may be able to accurately predict these procedures. Lastly , an association can take the form of organizational patterns, particularly in military units. The analyst may be aware that a particular unit is comprised of Headquarters Company, a maintenance confederation and a transportation company.If one of these elements is detected, the nominal head of the others would be strongly suspected. A profile is the sum of aggregate signatures, and what that means is when multiple signatures are detected, the combination therein would be more or less(prenominal) unique to a particular mission or task. For instance, if signatures are detected that indicate that aircraft furnish capacities are in place, as well as air traffic control, personnel and weaponry, a profile can be compiled indicating future air-based operations.If a unique profile is observed, an analyst may be able to accurately determine which type of operation is in progress, minimizing the need for additional observation and analysis. Contrasts are any differences between the effe cted pattern and current observations. Contrasts are the around reliable indicators because they depend on differences in established and repeated profiles, and need only to be observed rather than understood. A contrast can take many forms for instance leaving work at a different time or the presence of vehicles or aircraft that were not previously observed.When noting a difference, the analyst will sweat to determine if the change is isolated or widespread, if the change has occurred previously (and has a twin(a) association), if anything significant has occurred since the change and what the change may represent. The exposure of an indicator refers to the length of time and the time frame in which the indicator is observed. If an indicator is allowed to be observed for a long geological period of time, it will be assimilated into the profile and be assigned a meaning. If an indicator is able to be observed for only a short period of time and does not repeat, it is less likel y to attract attention.However, if the indicator is observed for short periods of time, but is repeated frequently, it will bugger off to be seen as a contrast to a normal profile. These can be found on OPSEC professionals. com. Vulnerabilities, is the information and indicators that can weak spots to infiltrate and crock up the mission plans or operation. Finding and preventing the vulnerabilities can reduce the affect that it may have on missions and operations that are planned and executed. For instance, your path that you take to a disposed destinations, and the terrain were they could plant IEDs.If someone was to give out information as to where the mission was going and when, it could give the enemy the time to bring up a plan of attack on that convoy or mission of operation. convoy and Equipment security Convoy security is a very important part of our job and there are techniques that we have in the way we pull security and make ourselves less known to the enemy as well. For example, when we have to halt the convoy for complications that arise, we will turn off our lights to make ourselves less know. We also, put spaces between us to distinguish more damage in the event that we are hit with either littler arms fire or an IED.Identifying marks on the vehicle is not permitted because it can be traced and monitored by the enemy and observe and predict the way we move and how we operate. These techniques that we have shouldnt be spoken to anyone as well. If the enemy was to know this information it would give us an even more disadvantage in completing our mission. Even the classes that we take like (Crow, Puma, Crew, etc. ) should not be shared information, the enemy would love cypher more that to understand our equipment and the way it works.They will try to find the weakness in anything that we use to plan, secure, and complete our missions and tasks. Radio frequencies are another very important part of information that could be very semiprecious to the enemy. With that information they could pretty much get just about anything that they would possible need to know to infiltrate us, harm us, equipment and the very mission itself. All this information and more is vital to our very purpose here and simply if the person to whom at anytime you are speaking with or if there are others more or less and they do not need to know dont say anything.One other thing that is important to return there are a lot of DOD contractors around that know and understand about OPSEC, and they are hearening around you and will report this information that they hear. Even our battle drills we go over on how we respond and operate under certain conditions can be considered valuable information to the enemy, and something they could use against us. How to Conduct an operations certificate (OPSEC) Assessment OPSEC Assessments are conducted to evaluate an adversarys or competitors ability to access your critical information, clever property, proprie tary information or individualized information.OPSEC Assessments formly benefit anyone desiring to protect information or assets from disclosure. Operations Security (OPSEC) Assessments change insight to your predictable indicators, exploitable processes and procedures while presenting proper(postnominal) measures to counter potential vulnerabilities. Assessments can be conducted by internal representatives from each plane section or can be performed by external experts and typically run from 1-3 weeks. mensuration 1 Identify information critically important to the organization, mission, project or home intellectual property, mission details, plans, R&D, capabilities, degradations, key personnel deployment data, medical records, contracts, network schematics, etc. Step 2 Identify the relevant adversaries, competitors or criminals with some(prenominal) intent and capability to acquire your critical information. Step 3 From the adversarys, competitors, or thiefs perspective, id entify potential vulnerabilities and means to gains access to results of step 1. Interview a representative try of individual.Step 4 Assess the risk of each vulnerability by its respective feign to mission accomplishment / performance if obtained Step 5 Generate / recommend specific measures that counter identified vulnerabilities. Prioritize and ordinate relevant protection measures. Step 6 Evaluate measure effectiveness, adjust accordingly. This was type at http//www. wikihow. com/Conduct-an-Operations-Security-%28Opsec%29-Assessment There are many tips when conducting a Operations Security (OPSEC) Assessment here are a couple. arrogatet try to perform all analysis on your own, obtain threat data from the experts.The appeal of OPSEC money wise would be prohibitive to attempt to protect information that is already accessible to the overt so focus on what you can protect than what is already publicly accessible. Even though 100% awareness of OPSEC is realistic, zip vulnerabi lities are not. Your critical information list should not be secret and inconspicuously posted near PC monitors, phones, copiers, etc. You should keep your list to about ten items. Those aware of what to protect have a better chance of protecting sensitive information as opposed to those unconscious(predicate) of its value is a general rule.Regular assessments get a line your best protection. OPSEC often provides low cost solutions to high tech problems. Instead of a long drawn-out report on observations, findings and proposed counter measures can be formatted in a presentation template. To mitigate vulnerabilities you should include a plan of actions and milestones (POA&M) in the brief to decision makers. Consequences to violating OPSEC There are many consequences to violating the nondisclosure statement that all soldiers, NCOs and Officers are obligated to adhere and follow. This is a direct order from your chain of command.This statement informs you of the obligations and respo nsibilities concerning OPSEC procedures and consequences that will occur if violating this statement. OPSEC involves vital and important information on mission operations. This includes dates, times, cargo, number of personnel and vehicles, even the rout and destinations of missions. Violations of OPSEC can happen many different ways specially with current technology. Cellular phones are the easiest and most convenient method of use getting and giving information. However, another method would be the internet.People who make random posts on facebook or other forms of social media pages or keep open blogs about things they do in competitiveness areas reveal types of information without realizing what they have done. revealing this type of information, whether it was intentional or not can have severe consequences from the army Judicial System. These consequences include UCMJ, Article 15, military machine Court Martial, and separation from the military and liberation of all VA benefits. Another and more certain result of the violations is the wrong of peoples lives because the enemy found this information from unbarred communication networks.The first course of penalisation is an Article 15 of the UCMJ. A pass will receive the maximum punishment from an Article 15. Which would be 45 eld extra duty, 45 days of restriction, loss of pay and reduction of rank. If the information the soldier revealed results in the convoy getting ambushed and soldiers die, that Soldier may have to appear before a Military Court for a Court Martial Hearing. If the Courts finds the Soldier nefarious of the charges they have been accused of. This will result in a Dishonorable detachment from the Military.A Dishonorable Separation from the Military may result in future difficulties in noncombatant life after you are released from the Military. The main problem might be trying to attain a civilian job. When employers see a dishonorable carry through from the military serv ice and the reasons to which you obtained this action. They will be less likely to employ such a person who they cant trust in. Along with the dishonorable discharge, you will loss all benefits and entitlements. The Bureau of veteran affairs will also give soldiers loans to buy a house or brand new vehicle.This will also be taken from, because due to the soldiers indiscretion to reveal vital information and risk the lives of their fellow comrades. References Operation Security on Wikipedia http//en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Operations_security Operation Security AR 530-1 www. fas. org/irp/doddir/army/ar530-1. pdf OPSEC Indicators www. opsecprofessionals. org/articles/indicators. htm How to Conduct an Operations Security (Opsec) Assessment http//www. wikihow. com/Conduct-an-Operations-Security-%28Opsec%29-Assessment

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