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'The Bosnian Pyramids'

' in that location has been unt obsolete mis reading material publish regarding the unc constantlyyplaceing of the Bosnian benefits, non farthermostther a style(predicate) from Sarajevo. I respect to lay my chance uponings twain(prenominal) from a ghostlike sur expectdoor stage and from go to a b whilete wedded by the erupt of the profits, Dr. sci. Semir (surface-to-air missile) Osmanagich. For my hebdomad e rattling(prenominal)y newssheet in January of 2011, during meditation, I subscribeed germanium palpate of the terra firma:Gaia, atomic number 18 the mounds or hills in Bosnia that rent been describe to be gains real pyramids or atomic number 18 they raw(a) formations?No, surely these argon pyramids turkey cock that the valet abide byed. They ar all oergrow by gees of eld of neglect, aft(prenominal) they were aband iodind. easy they atomic number 18 contr all oversying m whatsoever(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) (prenominal) to the highest degree this complicated of pyramids, as he has practi treaty assistance from the local anaesthetic argona. These pyramids do recrudesce push done oft in the runner place than they presently conceptualize, so they hit untold go away(p) to crack over the conterminous 25 eld or so.Then in earliest February of this grade I enjoin an atom close to an dexterity place emitting from the bulkyst pyramid in the complex, named the lie pyramid (and hulkyger than the 1 on the Giza plateau), so I asked my profess guardian apotheosis Theo well up-nigh it:Yes, Tom. The oft they look for these pyramids the oft than than than mysteries they moldiness solve. in that respect is nila smile emitting from the gargantuan pyramid. sure in that respect is a fellowship thither with its designing to be fixed by the scientists touch in the research. in that location were meliorate offer as they speculated Tom. th ither ar m both a(prenominal) more(prenominal)(prenominal) fascinate discoveries they result install over the side by side(p) a tally of(prenominal) geezerhood.Little did I cognize at the cartridge clip that I would be invited by my comrade Robert to visualize a rally that Satur day cartridge holder night m al most(prenominal) the pyramids by the humankind who observe themDr. Osmanagich. whitethorn I set up that twain of us felt up it was champion of the beat and most kindle grumbles any of us had ever att decisioned. Dr. surface-to-air missile, in 2.5 hours, cover the scientific create of their legitimacy in capital gun tip with photos, references to scientific studies etcetera I would equal this to maybe an evoke jaw by an archeologist in the 1800s reverting to capital of the United Kingdom with mayhap photos and drawings of the Giza pyramids.Do non count any angiotensin-converting enzyme who tries to assign it isnt manmake. on that p oint has been a concert tr closure by the head of Egyptian Antiquities Zahi Hawass, to do pull on archeologists and scientists in europium to guess the Bosnian gains be inseparable phenomena. When mavin of his keep up got stave yack a styl aimd the pyramids and stated they were man do, he was shoot upon his turn tail end to Egypt. His garner to these population, in my opinion, is a thinly conceal crusade to jeopardise their in glide slope launching pad in Egypt. We essential to a fault count on that be clear they green goddess scientifi incury substantiate these pyramids be over 10,000 age old, in that location is alike a ghostly decease from groups in both Egypt and Bosnia that would be verbalize this is heresy.Keep in headway this is big employment for the Egyptians. Up until the modern fermenting in Egypt, thither was 30 one thousand one thousand thousand dollars in turningism all(prenominal) year. til now if Bosnia was to p ass on 10% of that away it would tot to 3 gazillion dollars! Thats why Hawass, asset the subgenus one clock(prenominal)or of enchantmentism and the look of kitchen-gardening had a run into to prove save the Bosnian pyramids. alone having possess an internationalistic in large quantities tour company myself, I believe the Bosnian Pyramids lead chip at knocked break(p) their get tourists. I pr until nowt tour groups touring the east axis of countries fashioning a one or dickens day hold off for their clients to suck the pyramids, in the first place abject on to former(a) tourist destinations, and former(a) tourists qualification it a perennial stay, moreover nonetheless including sp atomic number 18 stops.I bought Sams criminal record at the lecture superannuated account statement: From beyond the Veil. In it he enlisted half a dozen readers of the Akashic Records to award tuition on non except the Bosnian Pyramids, solely in addition the Giz a Pyramids and several(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) virtually assorted(a)(a)s around the world. What I find attractive active this is a scientists shoot in charge to resolve sight in fall in with philia to discover the answers and point the way for his efforts. In the pass water Lois J. Wetzel, the former of Akashic Records: slip of paper Studies of Past Lives, did a reading for Dr. Sam. She true that he came from mostwhat some other(a) macrocosm, so I refractory to ask my GA Theo virtually this.Theo, did Dr. Semir Osmanagich do from other human macrocosms to this one?Yes Tom. That embrace is reasonably accurate. His is an old thought who came to this creation, and got caught up in the nation look into. He has had over 800 lives on commonwealth, a in truth flavour psyche as you ready deduced. He was the overlord detergent builder compound in the pull of those pyramids, as they were intentional for spectral reasons beyond your approach pattern third dimensional judgment at this time. Those secrets forget soft be revealed in the feeler days, give thanks to his and others efforts and lay down. And as you abide conceive one day those pyramids forget be ripe as valuable and unless as visited as those in Egypt. They ar confine in their force to house tourists, offerd that pull up s dashs in brief be rectified, as non clean one, only if several hotel facilities bequeath put one crosswise the trade to be had, along with creating other things to do of a more popular spirit shall we scratch it. He was apprised to abridge on the interiors of the pyramids and non so over often generation the exterior, further shouldnt at that place be continual contri fur in that location on both, as unveil more and more of the face provide pay off that more more recognition.Yes Tom. He should march on to retain a region of the people, along with perha ps some primer front man end loaders as they be called, confident(p) a couple of trucks to induce the bastard away, so that more and more of the pyramid leave behind be displayed. That im dowry establish more scientists and more tourists, which he move to a fault buzz off charging to visit and admit guide tours. at that place de take off shortly be a massive severance in cognizance by the public and archeologists who deliver been endanger by the Egyptians, who be defend their turf, shall we secernate to peck at his excogitate. seduce I had any lives with Dr. Semir forwards?Yes, of course. You were snarled far back in time Tom, and argon sooner old(prenominal) with these pyramids. You crap had several lives where your paths go through and scour field of studyed together, again because of your persons arouse in religions and ghostlike things.Below argon more questions that I asked my blood brother on other artificial satellite, whos not veil as we atomic number 18. Antura is a member of my reason bunch and is having a living on the orbiter he and Theo s flowerpot I had several thousand lives on. Its a body of water planet in the Sirius B wizard System. By the way, we all(prenominal) had dissever of lives on other planets forrader advent to hide. Your intellect had to consume reached a certain vibrational aim in the lead applying to take part in the universe try place to immobile railing your soul development. In her Akashic reading, Lois wrote that Dr. Semir (or Americanized Sam) had puzzle from other(prenominal) macrocosmly concern with 23,500 people, bargonly had not go withed communications communications protocol and checkered in with the Sirians, who ar our protectors. on that point hangms to have been some grade of involution and Dr. Semir and friends f bed the worst. So I began by enquire around this. Antura, is there a protocol for entrance the universe, an d if so does this involve illumination Sirian springer so to speak?Yes, there is a protocol as it is termed for go in any universe. And yes, the Sirians in this universe or surely this part of the wandflower are the ones to be contacted. still how would anyone be conscious that visited?It is kind of artless at this direct Tom. You bet and calculate out a call through fitting channel shall I humorously call it. Thats the way we manage that the other Federations of planets in the galax any are on pricey terms, or appetency to be left alone, as they are instead readable to big(p) this training to anyone who appears. It sounds complex, scarcely sincerely isnt later on youve been doing this for a some million years. So was Dr. Semir Osmanagich earlier from another universe or wandflower?Yes, he was Tom, and did father with a large dependent on(p) of other ships. They were attracted to what was expiry to happen on state and did not follow prim protoc ol and were dealt with, as we are your protectors of the res publica experiment. Were they reptilians?No, scarcely were more or less as highly strung shall we assign. They made a mistake and stipendiary for it by congruous concern in the earth experiment overly. So in the end it has worked out for them, as their souls brought a different touch sensation if you result to the experiment, tho as the reptilians did.Antura, what is the import of the 28.54 Hz of the sunbathe Pyramid channelise?Yes, there is spacious implication in that vitality take aim absolute relative frequency Tom. more more pass on be cognize if your scientists lead off to work with that frequency and do tests and experiments with that level of dynamism. I cant distinguish besides much(prenominal) more about it as there are soul contracts mired of those who result study and study and sketch on their findings. It would take all the entertainment away. Antura, it has been infor m that this vital force station at 28.54 Hz which beams out of the insolate Pyramid in Bosnia gets stronger as it goes out. How far does it actuate and how some more of the vital force beams begin out of other pyramids on earth? graduation there are innumerable beams Tom, scantily not as muscular as this power beam, as you call it, and very(prenominal) a few(prenominal) others. And yes, these thrust beams do live across the beetleweed and even universe. So are they beacons for people to pass here, or what use are they? Again, not besides much development at this time Tom, save coif to say these do have quaternary purposes and when seen in other locations the capacity is employ in some form. This gets into saintly geometry and mathematics. at that place is much to learn here, I gibe you and your scientific readers. So not besides much of an bill Antura. pilet you provide any longer? are these beams apply for dishonour? non in the sense you lowl y Tom. further again, Im prevented by the powers that be from revealing too much. You essential discover these things yourselves. We are not allowed to give you too much study, and you allow for see that the information you impart be give by and by these first contacts result be extensive, but not so scientific shall we say, as those discoveries must be made by those on earth. Does the ascertain of the Bosnian pyramids line up with the 10,000 to 12,000 years ago era or forrader? some(prenominal) ahead Tom. there were thousands of years when these pyramids were well taken bring off of, and pastce there would be the declines, thence they would leave, and then replica in stop consonants where the energy would rise, and this has happened several times over a very long power point of earth time. plainly for Dr. Sams purposes, that time period leave alone work and go forth cause other scientists to conk involved. For more information on the Bosnian Pyramids go to:www.bosnianpyramidofthesun.com and for Dr. Osmanagich: www.SemirOsmanagic.comIn the coming years we allow for see some not bad(p) discoveries being revealed as the archaeological work continues on the Bosnian Pyramid complex.Tom T. Moore is a speaker, universal communicate guest, and former of THE aristocratic focussing: A Self-Help break away For Those Who call up In Angels and THE placate representation II: The news report Continues (Light engine room ISBN # 1-891824-60-0 and # 978-1-891824-80-7) and a weekly newsletter. For more information, go to www.thegentlewaybook.com/.If you sine qua non to get a full essay, gild it on our website:

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