Thursday, May 16, 2019

Demographic Transition Theory Essay

demographic TRANSITION surmiseINTRODUCTIONDemographic passageway theory is the theory that societies progress from a pre-modern regime of extravagantly foulness and highschool mortality to a post-modern regime of low fertility and low mortality. The theory is explained by a model which is an idealized picture of demographic change. The aim of the theory is to explain why a friendship moves from high mortality and fertility to low mortality and fertility.Demographic transition is the actual change from high mortality and fertility to low mortality and fertility. There are many ca workouts of why societies move from high mortality and fertility to low mortality and fertility and these are best explained by the demographic transition model. As societies move from pre-industrial time to industrial periods population density changes due to change in values, technology, ways of living and many other variables. ASSUMPTIONSThe demographic transition theory shares the same assumptions as the Neo Malthusian theory that economic development lowers fertility which is evident in the model that as societies move from pre-industrial to postindustrial the number of lets are lowered. It also assumes that the only way of controlling population growth is through the use of contraception. CRITICSThe transition theory is claimed to be the direct outcome of European countries the observation drive home taken redact a long time ago and is outdated. This statement is true because the theory and model predicts what European countries have gone through not what all countries and nations would go through. The theory is only based on birth and finish and does not include other aspects of population dynamics such as external migration exhibitS OF THE DEMOGRAPHIC TRANSITIONThis theory has been known to have four stages but a fifth stage has of late evolved and it currently has five stages and these explain mortality and fertility. STAGE ONE HIGH FLACTUATINGThis is has high bir th and end grade and population growth is is midget. Reasons for high birth ratesHigh death rates and babe mortality encourages more births deprivation of family planningChildren are viewed as source of incomeReasons for high death ratesDiseases as there are no proper medicinesFamine due to few peopleLack of educationLack of health careSTAGE TWOHigh birth rate and declining death rate. The total population begins to expand rapidly Reasons for high birth ratesReligious beliefsPeople employ to having many childrenReasons for declining death rates alter hygieneImproved sanitationImproved food payoff and storageSTAGE THREEFalling birth rate and continuing to fall death rate. macrocosm growth slows down Reasons for decreasing birth rateWomen are working as its the industrial periodImprovement on contraceptive technologyChange in valuation of women beyond motherlinessPresences for smaller families as they are cheaper to maintain Reasons for decreasing death ratesBetter healthcare Improved sanitationSTAGE FOURLow birth and death rates and population growth is small and fertility continues to decline. Reasons for low birth ratesFamily planningImproved status of womenChange in individual(prenominal) lifestyleReasons for low death ratesImproved healthcareImproved quality of livingSTAGE FIVEDeath slightly exceeds death rate and this causes population decrease.

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