Thursday, May 30, 2019

Developing an eBusiness :: GCSE Business Marketing Coursework

Developing an eBusinessOur ( ) is a database of men, women and children who are interested in modeling assignments in the Pittsburgh and surrounding areas. Some are professional models and others are either looking to make some extra m maviny doing promotional work or are hoping to be discovered. serves as an go-between between agencies and aspiring models. The actual service we are selling works both ways. We are providing aspiring models with a hassle-free approach to becoming discovered eyepatch providing local anaesthetic modeling agencies with access to aspiring models, thus granting them more moving-picture show. Referral fees and contract negotiations bequeath be our major sources of revenue, and advertising on our web site will be our secondary source of is the only web site of its kind in the Pittsburgh Area. Although there are thousands of modeling web sites on the Internet where one can submit pictures and profiles in order to be considered for modeling, is different. We take into account that modeling is a very personal process, thus, our services are targeted for a local market, where we can build lasting relationships with our models and agencies. The fact that we are only working with aspiring models in the Western Pennsylvania area will make our line of merchandise and services very exclusive. Models that submit their profile onto our web site will be treated as individuals, not statistics, and since we are putting forth a personal approach with our models, they will have confidence and trust in generally accept men and women of all weights and heights as well as children of all ages. What most people dont realize is that there are modeling opportunities for everyone. Our potential customers are men, women, and children that are either professional models looking for more exposure , or aspiring models that want to give a shot at modeling. The fact that this is a hassle free environment, our primary customers will be aspiring models. On the other side of our business will be the local modeling agencies. We will work with all of the major agencies in Pittsburgh and guarantee them more exposure and access to models, in return for a referral fee and future contract negotiation fees.Each model has at least one picture and a profile which includes all of the models vital information as well as other information about availability, experience and interests.

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