Saturday, June 22, 2019

Classification of Data Collection and Analysis Depending on the Assignment

Classification of Data Collection and Analysis Depending on the Research Methodology diligent - Assignment ExampleThis research is significant because it is based on surveys, experimental and other various research methods. Therefore, the dissertation ordain utilize this research method in order to determine whether the lead styles employed by both directors of nursing and social serves have a positive impact in the mental well- being of nursing home residents.Experiments The research will collect data through the use of experiments that may involve completing various tests for measuring the leadership abilities. The researcher will then compare and contrast various results obtained from different tests. The aim of the tests is to judge leadership styles employed by both directors or treasure their so-called aptitude (Fulton, Lyon, and Goudreau, 2010). However, it will focus on the relations between their performance level and other factors. The researcher may be interested in observingthe way both directors reacts or behaves before or after the intervention programs such as training. This will enable the researcher to compare the leadership styles between the director of nursing and director of social services effectively.Sample surveys The researcher will gather information from a fairly larger try group of participants by use of questionnaires, interviews, observation and other techniques. The effective means of carrying out a survey is to sample the population at a cartridge clip (Thomas, 2003). In this case, the researcher will survey the nursing home residents in order to determine the effective services they receive from both directors.Case studies This unremarkably involves detailed research analysis on a certain case or group of people (Bernard, 2000). Various data collection methodologies such as interviews, questionnaire, and observation, may be applied in this case. For instance, the researcher may interview both leaders about their person al records of leadership performance. He or she will narrow the results in descriptive data, in the environmental settings thus challenging the existing theories or approaches of the domains.

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