Wednesday, June 19, 2019

No cellphones in class Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

No cellphones in class - Essay ExampleAll give lessonss scram given teachers to own and using up cell phones to school. However, students owning such gadgets in school are still a contentious issue faced with mixed reactions. The first advantage of students carrying their cell phones to school is for security and safety measure. The students can react to emergencies faster and efficiently by contacting relevant rescue teams. In addition, mobile phones that are internet enabled are substantive to students when seeking information related to academic contents. booth phones, therefore, are a good technology to incorporate in the learning because they enhance research and education. Cell phones are also advantageous to learners in the classroom because they find an opportunity to interact with friends, families and other acquaintances through platforms that promote information sharing (Brady 45). That can be useful only when students use phones outside the classroom context. In addi tion, cell phones also have both print and non-print media that are useful in enhancing learning. oddly those that have videos and cameras are essential when learning requires realia and images. Such gadgets, therefore, enhance learning.Mobile phones are distracters during learning sessions. Most students participate in anti-learning activities with their cell phones during the learning process. somewhat students misuse their cell phones by watching censored materials and videos from the internet. Others students send instant texts, listen to music and illegal videos that draw attention from learning activities. Cell phones that have calculators installed make students lazy because they tend to use such machines to solve even simpler mathematical problems. Consequently, learners become dependent by using machines to solve most of their problems.Although the gadgets were regarded as a luxury possessed by adults, it is presently in the hands of school-going children.

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