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Questions Week 5 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Questions Week 5 - Essay Example(Bardwell, 2007) It is possible that the differences in the educational teachings each of these generations have received from inculcate due to the rapid changes in the information technology affects the differences in their professional satisfaction, motivation, leadership issues and styles, as well as the different strategy when it comes to increasing the employees morale among others.As a human resource manager, the art of being able to motivate and increase the morale of each worker despite the differences in their work expectations and satisfaction remains a challenge. What is the best way to resolve the conflicting issues among the baby boomers, the generation X and Y workers? Is the motivational strategy relevant to baby boomer workers equally effective in terms of motivating the generation Y workers? What argon the factors that the human resource manager should consider when it comes to relations with each type of worker? Is pay-for-performa nce the best way to increase the workers productivity and motivation?Di Gregorio (2000) stated that despite all the available qualitative software packages apply in analyzing literature, the best method is the use of NVivo. Launched back in May 1999, the NVivo version 1.2 software is considered as the updated and improved version of NUD*IST. NVivos newer version is 2.0. These softwares are downloadable from the website http//, NVivo software is easy to use. The researcher could easily import necessary documents from the microsoft word processing package and eventually use coding strips to code these documents on screen. match to Lyn Richards (1999), NVivo software is designed exclusively for researchers who desire to display as well as develop a rich data in dynamic documents. The content of this software to assist the researchers when going through a long process of qualtitative data

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