Saturday, July 20, 2019

Change Management Essay -- Philosophy Papers

Change Management "Change is the only constant, we are told" in the twenty-first century marketplace(Ojala, 1997, p.1). In order for many companies, organizations, or institutions to stay competitive in their fields, they must be prepared for change and the effects of that change. According to a 1994 American Management Association and Deliotte & Touche LLP study "approximately 84% of American companies" are experiencing some type of change (Carson, 1998, p.1). Change management helps companies predict, institute, guide, facilitate, and evaluate change. Change management is "the focus of the change project (or initiative), whether it be to bring about alterations at the individual, group†¦or organizational level"(Henderson and McAdam, 1998, p.1). The concept behind change and change management is that these changes or "alterations’ refer to proactive business improvements"(Henderson and McAdam, 1998, p.1). Unfortunately, "the underlying assumption that all change is good"(Ojala, 1997, p.1) is incorrect; therefore, companies, organizations, and institutions must understand the "forces that drive change," how their employees will react to change, and the "underlying principles of change, and use them to develop a comprehensive change management framework" that will ensure a successful change project (Hirschfield, 1998, p. 1). The Forces Of Change "Organizational change is any alteration of activities in an organization†¦[that] may be the result of changes in the structure of the organization, transfer of tasks, new product introduction, or changes in attitude of group members or process, or any number of events inside and outside of an organization" (Carson, 1998, p. 1). There are external and internal forces of change f... ...r). Another reason why companies resist change, [Internet]. Strategy and Business Briefs, 4 pages. Available at: plweb-cgi/ ‘Change%20management’ Ojala, Marydee. (1997, December). Change management. Database, 20(6), 2 pages. Available at: ABI Inform Database on Galileo Puccinelli, Bob. (1998, September). Overcoming resistance to change. Inform, 12(8), 2 pages. Available at: ABI Inform Database on Galileo Rogers, Everett M. (1995). Diffusion of Innovations (4th ed.) New York: The Free Press. Smith, Catherine. (1998, August). The alchemy of change. Banker, 148(870), 3 pages. Available at: ABI Inform Database on Galileo Wilbur, Randa A. (1999, March). Making changes the right way. Workforce, Workforce Extra Supplement, 2 pages. Available at: ABI Inform Database on Galileo

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