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Shinji vs. Yasuo: The Use of Foils in The Sound of Waves Yukio Mishima’s The Sound of Waves tells of a timeless love story between Shinji, a young fisherman, and Hatsu, the beautiful daughter of the wealthiest man in the village of Uta-Jima. But rumors and gossip throughout the whole village attempts to separate them. The concept of foils is used in this novel to emphasize the characteristics of Shinji, a good moral man who values the importance of hard work, and Yasuo, a man of lust, power, and selfishness. These two characters conflict throughout the novel to win Hatsue’s heart. As they chase after the girl, Mishima reveals significant traits that are demonstrated throughout The Sound of Waves. Mishima uses Hatsue, the girl that Yasuo and Shinji are after, to demonstrate Shinji’s respectful nature and also Yasuo’s disrespectful nature. The meeting between Shinji and Hatsue at the observation tower reveals Shinji’s characteristics of respect and moral values. As Shinji confronts Hatsue’s body, he treats her with respect because â€Å"Shinji had a sort of haphazard respect for moral things† (Mishima 77). Having respected Hatsue’s decision of abstinence, Shinji received Hatsue’s respect and kindness. However, Yasuo does not respect Hatsue and has even attempt to rape her. Through nature’s intervention by the hornet, Hatsue was able to escape Yasuo’s grasp. Through Yasuo’s actions of attempting to rape Hatsue and trying to conceal the incident by making a deal, Mishima reveals Yasuo as lustful and selfish, the opposite of Shinji. Mishima signifies the concept of foils as the setting takes place in the Utajima-maru, the ship where Shinji and Yasuo â€Å"began their maritime training in the capacity of rice-rinsers†, to demonstrate Shinji’s ... ...ffected Shinji. He was able to adapt to the situation and did not react to Yasuo’s desires of anger and revenge. Shinji was able to stay calm and to remain faithful towards Hatsue. Mishima had revealed Shinji as tolerant as he was able to communicate with others despite the false gossip and serene as he let the gossip die down as well as Yasuo’s hopes for Hatsue’s heart. In conclusion, Mishima brings Yasuo and Shinji together to highlight the foils between two characters. Mishima reveals Yasuo as a jealous, lustful, and selfish character and Shinji as being the hardworking, respectful, and of good moral character through various incidents throughout The Sound of Waves. Having these traits demonstrated to be morally good, Shinji was able to win Terukichi’s approval by doing â€Å"that great thing at Okinawa† and Hatsue’s heart through kindness and respect (Mishima 175).

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