Thursday, August 8, 2019

Interpersonal Communications (Individual Work #2) Essay

Interpersonal Communications (Individual Work #2) - Essay Example interpersonal communication interfere with one’s diversity competency because it makes the person unable to reach out to other individuals or groups. For example, cultural barriers may interfere with an American employee’s performance in dealing with Asian colleagues or clients. Another example is when an individual’s shy personality may interfere with their ability to express themselves and be effective and efficient employees. 5.Based on your diagnosis feedback practices you experienced in a current or previous job through the completion of the instrument in Table 9.1 which practices are least effective? How might they be improved – the Table 9.1 is not available on the Google books copy of your textbook. Also, I don’t have your answers to the table so I wasn’t able to answer this number. I have answered the rest of the numbers, the total word count of which is 500 (two pages) 6. Media richness is important in interpersonal communication because messages have different purposes. This necessitates different forms of delivery and different kinds of channels. For example, a performance feedback needs a personal approach, like a meeting with one’s supervisor. Meanwhile, a call for a brainstorming on a project would only require an email or a written notice. In the organization I’ve worked for, our leaders were very careful about getting messages across. There is no need for changes as my colleagues and I are very satisfied with how our leaders communicate with us. 7. There are times when the nonverbal cues used by my colleagues are inconsistent with their verbal expressions. For example, a supervisor may say that he is listening to my concerns. However, his arms are crossed over his chest. His face is passive. At times, he may keep on checking his watch or the clock on the wall. There are also times when co-workers are consistent with their words, especially when we are discussing about projects or coming up with solutions to issues. 8. My

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