Saturday, September 7, 2019

Add one more page to the essay and grammars check

Add one more page to the and grammars check - Essay Example Usually professional soccer players lift their T-shirts on their heads after scoring a goal. Practice it in front of the mirror, as well. However, it would be better to invent something special, for instance, a motto that you will shout after leading your team to the victory. For example, the motor can be â€Å"No less than the best†. This is a perfect inspiring motto, because no matter how good you team may be, there is always room to improve. The best way to win is to try to be the best. It is not very easy as every new season brings new gifted players, thus it is always necessary to be ready to everything. You may win the game during one season but the next season can bring surprises. Therefore, it is important to train all the time in order to play better and better. This will allow not to be afraid of new gifted players or old ones which used new approach to training. â€Å"No less than the best† is a motto that can help become and remain champions. Another thing that every professional soccer player should know about is falling beautifully. You can practice this on the bed. However, be careful and do not break the bed – until you are not a professional player, you may not afford buying a new one. You should also remember that the ground is not as soft as a mattress, be ready to have bruises in the future. After falling, you should always touch any part of your body as if it is badly injured even if it is not and have an in-pain expression on your face. This will allow you to be ready to any result and learn how to withstand the pain. When you are a professional soccer player, you should be ready to be treated like a thing. At any time, another club may offer several millions and buy you: the more it offers, the more successful you are. A good soccer player is an expensive soccer player. The destiny may lead you to any place of the globe. Be ready to be able to digest any kind of food and memorize hundreds of foreign words as

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