Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Can there be peace in the Middle East based on the history of the area Research Paper

Can there be peace in the Middle East based on the history of the area - Research Paper Example Can peace ever be established there? There are initiatives under way, but the history of the region has shown that peace is elusive and fragile. There is always hope for a lasting agreement, and the world watches and waits for that moment to arrive. This paper discusses the events of the past, the problems, the initiatives, and the hope. Peace Plan for the Middle East Hot Bed of History The Middle East encompasses Western Asia and North Africa. It is arid and hot. Sometimes called the Near East, it has many rivers and irrigation channels to feed its agriculture. Its Persian Gulf contains one of the world’s most important assets: crude oil deposits. It has historically been a hot bed of political and religious turmoil. The origins of that turmoil include a crowded geography, differing political philosophies, economic pressures, and perhaps most importantly, division over religious claims to an area which has provided the historical origins of three leading world religions: Isla m, Judaism and Christianity. All three claim Jerusalem and surrounding â€Å"Holy Land† (modern Palestine) as home to their religious heritage. Culture of Combat The primary combatants for the Holy Land today are the Arabs and Israelis. But it wasn’t always that way. ... A century later, the Islamic leader, Saladin, who had Egypt under his control, led Islam in a holy war (â€Å"jihad)† against Christians, recapturing Jerusalem in 1187. So the area is known for its years of strife. But it was the Israel community which became the latter day opposition for the Arabs, and today’s conflict has become the focal point of Middle East politics and mutual aggression. Modern Day Conflict Today, the Jews and Arabs recognize that they are both losing this battle which has recently escalated between them. As Goldschmidt pointed out, things got hot during World War I. He said, â€Å"The duration and intensity of what we now call the Arab-Israeli conflict were due to the rise of nationalism in modern times" (Goldschmidt, 1999, p.231). Strangely enough, there is evidence that these two long-time adversaries have plans to try once again for peace in the region. That is a first step toward stability in an area that has rarely experienced it throughout all of history. Plan for improvement in relations Krause and Van Evera (2009) suggest several actions which could improve relations between the U.S. and the Middle East. Two-way dialogue with respect for the traditions of the Muslim world should replace one-way oratory. The use of facts over hyperbole and propaganda will better guide discussion. The dialogue should be conducted in an air of peace and desire for mutual understanding, without the background of conflict generated primarily by al-Qaeda around the world. The United States should confront and contest al-Qaeda at every opportunity and perhaps seek the assistance of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) which could apply pressure to combative governments. Initiatives begun Conflict in the Middle East in recent years has focused on the

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