Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Essay --

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE After one year's work experience as an electrical engineer at ________, a private LPG filling company with various filling plants located in Pakistan. After the completion of my undergraduate degree in 2012, I have been making constant efforts to develop better understanding in the field of Electrical Engineering. So, I joined_____________ and worked there as a Trainee Electrical Engineer for over 1 year. My training responsibilities areas were circuit breakers supervision, switch yard equipment and bus-bars calculation observation, making reports of ratings, and readings of generators and transformers. I want to return to academic study and undertake postgraduate course Master of Engineering Electrical (Power) at University of South Australia. I am greatly inspired to accomplish my aspiration to become a professional in the field of Power and Energy Systems. Beside aspiration the other reason I am choosing electrical power is of job perspective that the jobs related to electrical po wer are almost in every industry from smaller to a multinational. In under-graduation program I learned THEORY together with interesting practical course work to strengthen the fundamentals of Electrical Engineering. After graduating from the department of electrical engineering at the Institute of COMSATS institute of information technology in computer engineering. I felt that a practical experience is needed before going on to a postgraduate course. I learned the latest technologies in microprocessor systems, personal responsibility and teamwork. My undergraduate program has given me strong grasp in engineering basic subjects. I developed a deep interest in the practical course work of electric machines and control system as i... ...Os, worked with them as a volunteer (Social Mobilizer). I am greatly interested in the field of Power. I am convinced that your comprehensive curriculum is sufficient to help me develop into well-trained specialist in power systems. After completing my MS, I aim to become a highly acclaimed professional. On returning to Pakistan after pursuing my M.S. in electrical engineering, the knowledge that I have received in this field would be of great benefit to the electrical energy industry in Pakistan and the place where I will work. As such I would be well equipped to make a certain amount of impact on society and economy. It is heartfelt desire that I may continue my path of success with your international students. I am sure my technical skills would be greatly appreciated and would helpful to be considered for the Master of Science program in your reputed University.

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