Monday, September 23, 2019

Marketing Strategy of Marc Jacobs Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Marketing Strategy of Marc Jacobs - Essay Example The paper "Marketing Strategy of Marc Jacobs" examines the fashion label of Marc Jacobs and its marketing strategy. Marc Jacobs launched his first Marc Jacobs Collections in 1986 and had won many awards. Before his collection was launched, he made a tremendous mark in the fashion designing world which increased the popularity of his collections. This drove him to launch Marc brand. Marc Jacobs has developed his brand as a fashionable brand with uniqueness with the intention to attract the consumers. Being in New York which is also known for its fashion trends, it made the brand more successful by the acceptance level of the consumers towards the brand. The value is generated when the consumers are willing to pay and are satisfied with the brands. The innovation technique is important in marketing strategy towards the consumers. Marc Jacobs had an innovative idea for developing a marketing strategy that would attract more consumers’ attentions and make the brand more eminent. M arc extensively used YouTube before it was used in an attempt to generate attention towards the brand. Consumers got attracted towards the brand offerings of different category of fashionable merchandises and till today the brand is successful and it illustrates the brand loyalty. Marc Jacobs offer women and men, ready to wear garments, accessories, bags, shoes, fragrance, eye wear and many more fashionable types of merchandise. Young people are more attracted towards the high fashionable merchandises that are offered by the brand.

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