Monday, September 9, 2019

Reasons for the Decline in Union Membership and Density in the 21st Research Paper

Reasons for the Decline in Union Membership and Density in the 21st Century - Research Paper Example Over the past decade, unions have used their political clout to advocate legislation and establish regulatory agencies that supersede entirely or greatly circumscribe the scope of collective bargaining on many issues of significance to employees. When deciding whether or not to form or join a union, workers balance the costs of doing so, such as union dues, against the expected benefits, such as better working conditions and pensions. While the costs of joining unions are seemingly unaffected by most labor legislation, the potential benefits of doing so decline. Because they are already buying labor protection and mandated fringe benefits with tax dollars, workers have less incentive to join unions. The political success of unions in the past has surely played some role in undermining their future prospects, as in the case of VBY union. It is no secret that labour unions have been declining in membership and influence for many years. The number of unionized workers in Europe was only 16.7 million in 1990, which is approximately 16 per cent of the workforce. This is less than one-half the per cent unionized in the mid-1950s. Some managers view the decline of unions with glee. To them unions are non-productive, combative adversaries interfering with the harmonious and efficient operation of the company. Some of them have adopted the idea that this is pay-back time for the punishment management suffered in the sixties and early seventies when rising wages, automatic cost of living adjustments, ever-increasing benefits, strikes, and Byzantine work rule arrangements seemingly were the rule.  

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