Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Teaching and Learning Essay -- Education, Observation

The value of observation is to give you an insight into a child’s world. By doing this you are able to observe the children and see how they interact with other children and communicate. Also by observation we are able to understand children’s point of view better and are able to enhance their learning. Observation, assessment and evaluation in planning for children’s learning within early childhood setting come hand in hand. While observing we are able to see the child’s development and are also able to identify the interest in different learning areas. During the observation, the time and date should be recorded along with a little bit of information about the setting and where the observation took place. If we have an accurate and detailed picture of the child’s profile at the beginning of the programme, the teacher’s will be able to enhance positive learning. Using a natural environment for observation is the best method, as opposed to contrived environment , because in a natural environment a child is doing what they normally do [NZTC ] , (2011). The teachers are able to plan better for the child and assess the progress in children’s different learning domains. When any observations are carried out about a child, all the information must be kept confidential. As suggested by Bruce & Meggitt (2002) certain guidelines should be used to keep the observations confidential for example not using the child’s name , just using their initial and remembering to get permission from the authorised person such as parents /teachers before beginning any observations p.28. It is very important to be ethical when carrying out any methods of observations and keeping it confidential, letting access to only authorised people. By doing obs... ...he teacher to help the child in their holistic development. Being a teacher it is important to engage child in all kinds of interactions and also think from a child’s point of view. As mentioned by Jablon & Wilkinson (2006) â€Å"engagement stratergies give children greater responsibility for their learning and that use of engagement stratergies benefit children tremendously† p. 5. In conclusion I would say that a teacher has one of the most important roles in a child’s everyday learning and that the way she observes , plans , assesses and evaluates each individual child , makes a difference in a child’s learning and helps the children to support /or enhance their interest or any other particular domains . To support the whole planning cycle in a child’s learning can only happen if the teacher is able to apply the teaching strategies adequately in the learning.

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