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Bipolar Disorder Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Bipolar Disorder - Research Paper Example Bipolar disorder is referred to be a condition of the health where an individual suffers from quick mood swings that can occur between very good mood and irritating or depressed mood. Men and women may be equally affected through this disorder, where the primary age of getting attacked by this disorder is between 15-25 years. The exact causes of the disorder have not been understood. However it has been determined that the disorder mostly occurs in individuals who have relatives with the same problem. Although there are no particular causes of the manic moods in individuals, however certain lifestyles or sleep disorders that may be responsible. Bipolar Disorder Type I and Type II: An Understanding of Their Differences: Bipolar I and bipolar II are two major forms of the bipolar disorder. As far as the history of the disease is concerned, it has been obtained that bipolar disorder has some genetic connection. The disorder may affect men, women as well as children. Thus there might be a need for learning whether one’s family or one him/her self had the disorder in their childhood, particularly in cases where symptoms of the disease may be observed. Bipolar type I range from mania and depression and involve severe swings in the mood of the affected individual. However bipolar type II is milder in form in comparison to the type I disorder and involved gentler forms of hypomania that varies with the periods of depression. In order to receive a proper treatment, the type of the disorder is necessary to be determined that can be obtained by consulting with a medical professional if symptoms are observed (Bipolar Disorder History, 2008). Bipolar Type I Disorder: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatments: Individuals affected with Bipolar 1 are normally experienced with at least one manic period in their lives. This reflects a period of time when the affected individual suffers from abnormal mood swings, and abnormality in behavior that has severe impacts on his/her life. Generally majority of affected patients undergo through phases of depression. However in between the phases of depression or mania, the individual may live a life that is absolutely normal. Nearly every individual can be affected by this disorder. Generally the first symptoms are observed in individuals who are in their teen ages, and generally the disorder gets developed before 50 years age. If family members are affected with the disorder then chances of the occurrence of the disorder are higher (Bipolar I Disorder, 2012). The

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