Saturday, October 19, 2019

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Chapters' summaries - Essay Example Mixed language tools can deliver the desired results and also cause hurt that will take time to heal. The leader has to deal with these standard tools with caution. The intentions of the leader may be right; but it needs to be told at the right time. One important point incidentally. The listeners mostly have estimate of the merit of the personality conveying the message to them. For example, a politician speaking on the subject of the current state of the economy may not command the same respect with the audience as compared to a reputed management consultant’s views on the subject. The audience has a pre-conceived notion that the former is playing to the gallery and he may state quite the opposite, in front of another audience. The combination of the language tools employed by the leader may produce tangible effects on some; with others it may be quite contradictory. This is the limitations with the mixed messages; they may outweigh the advantages they score. The audience is intelligent enough to understand whether the leader’s message comes out of his convictions or he is trying to outsmart the audience with clever use of the mixed messages and he is doing it quite deliberately. Blessed are those who have perfected the art of gifted communication. To an extent this ability is inborn but there is much scope for cultivating this quality. One needs to do framing in advance for the possible situations of interactions during the course of the day. A verbatim account of such dealing is impossibility as new situations crop up and new solutions will have to be found. If one has the spontaneous answer for an expected question it is perfect; but if one has the appropriate answer for the unexpected question, that leader is a genius. For example a cashier at the bank, may have some routine questions from the customer, like, ‘At

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