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Global warming exists Essay Example for Free

Global warming exists Essay The debate over whether global warming is a reality has received contradictory arguments from the various fronts on the global community. Opponents of the phenomenon assert that climate changes from time to time are natural occurrences. On the other side, proponents claim that the world has been experiencing trend of increase in temperatures of the earths near surface atmosphere since early twentieth century. This has particularly been attributed with the onset and increasing industrialization in the global community. Such have the implication that activities by mankind are to be blamed for the issue of climate change in the world. Given the available evidence that the world is experiencing unpredictable climate and weather patterns, global warming is no doubt a reality in the modern society. Causes of global warming According to scientific research findings, global warming is defined as the gradual increase in the temperatures of the earth’s atmosphere near the surface (Johansen, 2002). This has been closely associated with increased emission and accumulation of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide in the atmosphere (Revkin, 2008). These gases are responsible for trapping heat emitted from the earth’s surface and thus increasing the atmospheric temperatures. It is worth noting that greenhouse gases are commonly a byproduct of the production process by industries. As an example to emphasis this claims, mankind activities are estimated to be producing carbon dioxide (which is the major greenhouse gas) at a rate of over 25 billion metric tons annually (Revkin, 2008). In addition, deforestation, which entails cutting down of trees by man has contributed to the increased concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Therefore, although some natural processes such as fossil decay and volcanic eruptions can lead to greenhouse gas emission, mankind kind activities remain the main cause of global warming given the huge amounts of greenhouse gases produced by industries across the globe (Kluger, 2006). Evidence supporting the existence of global warming There are numerous evidences indicating the existence of global warming in the globe. First, the world is evidently witnessing a decline in its mountain ice and glaciers reserves (Kluger, 2006). According to available research findings, the rate Arctic shrinkage is higher than any other time in the history of mankind. Still, the world is experiencing a gradual but real rise in sea levels, a factor which is threatening the submergence of some low laying islands (Johansen, 2002). Such increases are evidently blamed for the increase in the rate of melting of mountain ice and glaciers. Global warming has been blamed for the occurrence of extreme weather conditions. Such include floods, droughts as well as heat waves, which are evident in the world today (Revkin, 2008). It is also claimed that due to global warming, expansion and evaporation of sea waters are high. Just to be appreciated is the fact that such high rates of evaporation of water into the atmosphere leads to increased rate of rain formation along the coastal regions. Such are indeed, the reason behind the frequent flooding witnessed in our coastal regions (Kluger, 2006). Therefore, since no one can refute the evidence of global warming on sea water expansion and increased flooding in the coastal regions, then global warming is a real threat to the sustainable social and economic development of the global community. The world is marked with the problem of unpredictable climate changes. As by the available statistics, the globe is witnessing a changing trend in its wind patterns (Johansen, 2002). It is worth noting that the process of wind formation is dependent on earth surface temperatures which lead to expansion of air. In addition, wind is a crucial factor in influencing the rain patterns across the globe. This is because it acts to carry water vapor from its source to other regions. Based on this reasoning, since wind and rain storms are no doubt a direct result of earth surface temperatures, then global warming must be a real phenomenon. Just to be emphasized here is the fact that such unpredictable wind patterns are responsible for the eminent failure by weather forecasting scientists in giving reliable region specific weather predictions. Therefore, the global temperature swings are responsible for the increasing formation of unpredictable weather patterns across the globe. Another proof in support that global warming is a real phenomenon is the trend of increased incidences of disease outbreaks across the globe (Johansen, 2002). True to the letter, traditionally, diseases were categorized by regions. However, due to climate changes, it is not uncommon it experience traditionally tropical diseases in other regions of the world (Johansen, 2002). According to available evidence, the human community is witnessing an increase in the number of skin cancer diseases. Such have been closely attributed to an increase in the amount of ultraviolet rays reaching the earth surface. It is worth noting here that such increases are a direct result of the evident shrinking of the ozone layer, a phenomenon that is termed as global warming. Conclusion It is clearly established that the world is increasingly witnessing an ever changing trend on its climate. Such are evident from the ever increasing mountain ice and glaciers reserves which lead to expansion of sea waters. This threatens the livelihood of those settled in the low coastal regions. The phenomenon is also blamed for unpredictable wind and rain patterns as well as increased spreading of diseases across the global. Therefore, global warming is a real phenomenon threatening the sustainable existence of the human community. References Johansen, B. (2002). The Global Warming Desk Reference. New York: Greenwood Press. Kluger, J. (2006). Global Warming Heats Up. Retrieved May 17, 2010, from http://www. time. com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,1176980,00. html Revkin, A. (2008). A Shift in the Debate over Global Warming. Retrieved May 17, 2010, from http://www. nytimes. com/2008/04/06/weekinreview/06revkin. html

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