Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Italian Wars essays

Italian Wars essays During the period 13th and 16th century Europe was in a state of great ebullition and new classification. Wars, revolutions, politico-economical transition, social convulsions and illnesses overwhelmed fatally the stability of Europe. During the period of two centuries (14th and 15th century) the countries that were constituting Europe were trying to solve the various problems by using political regimes and a lot of times using radical methods. Italy had a lead role during that period (Renaissance) but also before that and especially the city-states that constitute the country. Many innovations, new ideas and methods that were used in all areas like economy, trading, politics, society and religion came from Italy the period of Renaissance influencing all Europe. This period also influenced arts, literature and culture. The areas that were influenced, progress and developed in Italy were the society of city-states, the political classifications and conflictions, the finance and also the arts and culture. During this period the society has begun to urbanize. In social area the bourgeoisie of the Holy Roman years was never forgotten. Trade and small industry were fully developed. In the South the agriculture was in decline. On the other hand in Central and North Italy navigation was developed. There was a complicate and confused social system. There wasnt a clear social hierarchy between the rich and poor. Every one had to recruit in the Territorial Army and they were fighting side by side. The participation in public life was an integral part of their lives. A simple example of what was happening in Florence the public businesses was operated from the citizens. In Venice the trade aristocracy was in charge. The political matters were an issue of personal high gear of the citizens. This progress brought competition among the cities and the once that had powerful politico-economy were occupying the smaller ones. Th...

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