Friday, October 18, 2019

Skin problems related to makeup Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Skin problems related to makeup - Essay Example Firstly, with regards to the use of makeup and the clogging of pores, this has an unhealthy affect for a number of reasons. First, due to the fact that the pores of the skin are the means whereby the skin is able to be moisturized and â€Å"breath†, clogging the pores has a negative affect not only on the health of the skin but on the aging process (Streamlining Beauty 88). Without being able to deliver the necessary moisture and oils to the surface, the aging process takes place at a faster rate as the skin loses its ability to be elastic and stretch. In such a way, even though the application of makeup is intended to make the skin more beautiful, as can be seen from the preceding discussion, it can actually have a diminishing return over time. As a means of understanding these determinants, ti is the hope of this author that the reader will be able to integrate a further and more complete understanding of makeup and its effects on skin health. ... The final health impact that makeup can have is related to allergic reactions on the part of the user. Although there is no way that any product can be made allergen free, by very nature of the diverse allergies that are exhibited by individuals, the fact of the matter is that many individuals are allergic to many of the thickening agents or minerals that are found within the common forms of makeup that are on the market today (Levy & Emer 175). Moreover, depending on the quality of the product, there are certain degrees of impurities that can be found within these products to a varying degree. As a function of this, the levels of pure ingredients that are interacting with the skin of an individual’s face are oftentimes unknown (Gray & Boothroyd 66). Due to the fragility and tender level of the skin that is exhibited on the face, as well as the fact that there are at least 7 orifices in the immediate vicinity, this is an especially worrisome point. As a function of these parti cular issues, the reader can understand that many of the negative skin health issues related to makeup are concentric around the overall cleanliness of the skin and/or the ability and desire of the individual user to ensure that they remove all makeup each and every night prior to going to bed. If this is engaged, the level and extent to which the pores will be clogged and the acne levels will increase will be reduced precipitously. However, with regards to the final issue that has been raised, the allergic reactions that many users experience when using makeup, this is not something that can be prevented or reduced. Ultimately, such a skin health issue is entirely dependent upon the environmental factors that determined the individuals

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