Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Statapult (catapult) strike experiment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Statapult (catapult) strike experiment - Essay Example Afterwards, 6 trials of that best possible angle are done and checking done to see whether we are getting similar distances as those we obtained theoretically. The results gotten indicate nearly similar distances as those obtained from equation which is 160cm.Furthermore,we have to determine the 95 percent CI from Minitab which is (151.99,168.01)cm ,whereas the anticipated confidence level is in the range of 95 percent CI. Introduction This experiment assists in coming up with a prediction equation for the statapult to strike a specific target. Multiple projectiles will be fired at differing angles, arm and peg settings. Through doing this; adequate data can be collected so as to establish the equation that controls the distance of the projectile. By utilizing this equation the maximum as well as the minimum distances that the projectile can travel can be figured out. A target distance that we can hit is then provided. By use of the Minitab software, the optimal settings will be computed and so as to establish the needed target distance and then 6 trials of the distance we get from the optimum settings are done. After trials are done, the uncoded angle (1500) is then converted to coded angle (-0.5) so as to determine the theoretical target distance of Y (-0.5, 1, 1) = 164.05 cm which is almost near the specified targeted value; 160 cm. Finally we have to determine the confidence interval from those 6 trials data wh ich is (154.76, 165.90) and it lies well within the confidence for interval for the mean, (151.99, 168.01), found out in the Minitab.

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