Monday, November 4, 2019

Portfolio Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Portfolio - Essay Example I am, however, still having difficulties in more difficult English words, those that are not usually used in the every day life or in the regular textbook. I still find myself searching for the meaning of these words. Also, I’m still having problems in writing English paragraphs because I tend to write the same words in the different sentences within the same paragraph. This is because I still need to further expand my knowledge of English words and their synonyms. However, I know that I can still add to my knowledge in the English vocabulary by exposing myself more to this language through reading English books, papers and articles and through interacting with other people who are native English speakers and writers. Before taking this class, the English grammar was the most difficult area for me. As I am not used to writing or speaking English sentences, my sentence structure in English was not really that good. The grammar pre-test that we took at the start of this class really showed that grammar is a big weakness for me. But after taking this class, I can say that my English grammar has significantly improved. The lessons on verb tenses and the subject – verb agreement could be simple lessons for those who are good in writing in English but for me, these two lessons were challenging ones because they are at the core of what I needed to correct in my grammar. Although these lessons were hard for me, they have helped me improve my grammar in this aspect. Reading the two textbooks, the reading strategies and the improving study skills have also exposed me to proper English grammar. Of course, as I am still developing my English skills, I still find it hard to write English sentences prop erly. Sometimes, it is easier to go back to my old English grammar rather than to have to think things through to ensure that the subject and the verb agree all the time, that I am using the proper verb tense and that

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