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How to Study Vocabulary for the New 2016 SAT

How to Study Vocabulary for the New 2016 SAT SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips Are you planning to take the SAT? Wondering how to handle the vocabulary questions? We will explain how the new SAT tests vocabulary and what that means for your study plans. Read on for an exclusive guide to new SAT vocabulary! What’s Vocabulary Like on the New SAT? As you may know, the SAT changedin 2016. The goal of the redesign is to make the SAT more modern and relevant for high school students. (Read more about the new SAT with our ultimateguide.) As part of the effort to make the SAT more modern, the Reading section no longer has sentence completionquestions. The sentence completion questions tested tough vocab words based on just one sentence of context and required obscure vocabulary knowledge. Since the new SAT is getting rid of this question type entirely, there is no longer the need to memorize hundreds of obscure vocabulary words.That's great news! Furthermore, there are far fewer vocabulary questions in general, and they are all given in the context of longer passages. The vocabulary words tested are â€Å"neither highly obscure nor only relevant to one domain,† according to the Specifications for the New SAT released by College Board. So what kinds of words is the new SAT testing? Multiple meaning words like â€Å"intense† will be tested, as opposed to super rare words like â€Å"exculpate† or â€Å"obsequious.† Below is an example of a vocab question from SAT Reading. As you can see from this example, memorizing the definition of the word "favor" wouldn't help you with this question, since any of the definitions could work for the word "favor" in different contexts. But by looking at the sentence, "The Millennialswho reached adulthood around the turn of the century and now outnumber baby boomers, tend to favor cities over suburbs, and are far more willing than their parents to ride buses and subways," you can see that only choice B, "prefer," makes sense in context. Below is a vocab question from SAT Writing. For this question, you're being asked if you should make a change to the word "swear" in the sentence "These models have expanded researchers' knowledge of ancient species and swear to advance the field of paleontology in the years to come." The correct answer is D, but you wouldn't know this just by memorizing the definition of the words in the answer choices. Like the Reading question, you need to understand the context the word is being used in to choose the correct answer.In other words, context clues will be much more important than inherently knowing the meaning of a word. Furthermore, vocabulary questions won't be a huge part of the new SAT. The new SAT will have about ten â€Å"word in context† questions for Reading (out of 52) and about eight word in context questions for Writing and Language (out of 44). This comes out to roughly 20% of questions in each section. In short, vocabulary is now a pretty minor part of the SAT, and rare vocabulary won't even be tested. So How Do You Study? Even though vocabulary is now just 20% of the Reading and Writing sections, that doesn’t mean that you should stop studying it completely. Having a strong knowledge of medium-difficulty, multi-meaning words will be crucial to doing well on the new SAT. But it no longer makes sense to spend hours and hours memorizing words. Forget about those â€Å"2000 SAT word† lists – there are simply too few vocabulary questions on the new SAT to justify spending that kind of time. Furthermore, it is important to be able to define words in context but not important to know obscure words. We will focus on two strategies: which words to learn and how to practice understanding words in context. Which Words Should You Learn? So now that the SAT has changed, how do you know which words you should be studying? Start with our PrepScholar SAT Vocab list, which teaches 262 words you should definitely know for the SAT. If you want more vocab lists after that, check out our guide to the best SAT vocabulary resources.Theselists will give you a strong foundation of words likely to appear on the new SAT, and we also give you tips on how to study them. How to Learn Words in Context Memorizing vocabulary should only be a small part of your new SAT vocabulary studying. The more important skill to learn will be how to identify and figure out the meaning of words in context. This means you should do two things: read challenging articles and learn to pick out and define words. One great (and free!) browser application to help you with this is ProfessorWord,which automatically identifies potential SAT/ACT vocabulary on various pages on the weband then provides a definition. By reading articles, you can make sure to learn realistic vocabulary likely to appear on the new SAT, rather than ultra-specialized words the SAT no longer tests. See the example below which breaks down the SAT/ACT vocabulary in a recent Atlantic article. Screenshot via The Atlantic. The vocabulary words are highlighted. If you don't know the meaning of the word, you can type it into the ProfessorWord box next to "Define." A brief definition will appear, along with links to online dictionaries with more detailed definitions. The way you can turn this into a study exercise is to pull up a challenging article, and see if you can define the highlighted words based on the words around them. Only then do you use the ProfessorWord "Define" feature to look at the actual definition. If you were wrong about a word, write the word and its definition down on a flashcard and study it to naturally expand your vocabulary. If you read one article per day and use ProfessorWord, you will get excellent practice at defining words in context and naturally expand your vocabulary. What Kinds of Articles Should You Be Reading? Any articles from the following publications/newspapers/magazines will contain SAT vocabulary. Make sure to read from different genres, as the new SAT will have passages from US and world literature, history/social studies, and science. For example, don’t just read an article about politics every day, as you will encounter very similar vocabulary and lose the opportunity to learn vocabulary to help with science and literature passages. This is just a small list of publications to get you started. If you have a favorite newspaper or magazine, feel free to incorporate it into your study regimen as long as ProfessorWord finds SAT/ACT vocabulary words in it. Starter List of Publications by Category US and World Literature: The New Yorker, The New York Times Book Review, and short stories published in various popular magazines (Vogue, GQ, Elle) History/Social Science: The New York Times, The Washington Post, Time, The Atlantic, Slate, The Economist, Bloomberg News Science: Wired, Popular Science, Psychology Today Other Tools and Tips Use the Waterfall method to learn vocabulary words. This is an effective memorization strategy that will help you learn words efficiently. We also recommend using Quizlet, an online flashcard program that you can connect to your smartphone. This is a great way to study words on the go – and also an excellent choice for people like me who hate hand writing flash cards. Finally, if you would prefer to hear definitions of words spoken aloud rather than just reading them, use the vocabulary videos at Vocab Ahead to help you master definitions. What’s Next? Want to learn more about SAT Reading beyond just vocab questions? Check out our ultimate SAT Reading study guide. It will teach you the content, skills, and tips you need to improve your SAT Reading score. Not sure what score to aim for on the SAT? Learn how to come up with a target score for the SAT based on the colleges you want to attend. How long should you study for the SAT? Read our guide so you know exactly how many hours to spend on SAT prep. Want to learn more about the SAT but tired of reading blog articles? Then you'll love our free, SAT prep livestreams. Designed and led by PrepScholar SAT experts, these live video events are a great resource for students and parents looking to learn more about the SAT and SAT prep. Click on the button below to register for one of our livestreams today!

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Criteria for eco-hotel Essays

Criteria for eco-hotel Essays Criteria for eco-hotel Essay Criteria for eco-hotel Essay has as its chief nonsubjective the purpose to supply practical and low-priced agencies by which cordial reception companies can follow regulations to set about environment betterments base on international guidelines. 1.5 Policies and Standards set for Eco-Hotels There are several topographic points in the universe whereby green hotels/ eco hotels are now being practiced. In most instances, by puting up several Torahs and ordinances on hotel building, authorities has forced the hotels builder in building eco-hotels. There are besides several associations which are contending for a more eco-friendly edifices and hotels. A few key constructing environmental appraisal tools soon in usage comprise of: Canada: LEED Canada / Green Globes China: GBAS India: Indian Green Building Council ( IGBC ) / GRIHA Japan: CASBEE United States: LEED / Populating Building Challenge / Green Globes / Build it Green / NAHB NGBS / International Green Construction Code International Green Construction Code ( IGCC ) United Kingdom: BREEAM A few key constructing environmental appraisal tools such as BREEAM ( United Kingdom ) , and CASBEE ( Japan ) are a great aid for the consumers in finding a construction s purpose and degree of the environmental achievement. They reward credits for optional building characteristics which sustain green theoretical account in classs such as the site location and upholding of edifice site, preservation of H2O, etc. The phase of accomplishments are so determined through the figure of credits. Governments have begun to command a decrease in the usage of energy and emanations. In US in the building industry, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design besides known as LEED, is being developed as a widely-accepted criterion. The LEED enfranchisement has been modified by the U.S. Green Building Council to give installations to all edifices to gain points in many classs, assisting therefore the hotel operators to be able to obtain enfranchisement for their existing services. They therefore earn points by being sustainable in: The low energy usage which reduces the release of air pollutants and nursery gases By cut downing H2O ingestion by 30 % The usage of recycle merchandises to restitute. The usage of advanced engineerings that help in cut downing energy use therefore accomplishing other types of sustainability. There is on about 1,200 LEED-certified edifices till the terminal of 2008, most of which are new alternatively of renovated edifices. The authorities besides plays a really important function in the industry s eco- environment, non merely by making environmental resources to assist the industry. The authorities functionaries besides shared their acquired experience on ecological work with the practicians. Harmonizing to the United Nations Environmental Program, 2001, the Gallic Ministry of Spatial Planning and Environment along with some hotels has been patronizing the devising of learning stuffs for environmental issues. The Hong Kong and Gallic authorities besides shows the importance of prosecuting sustainable touristry by funding two instances. Mentioning to: Hotels environmental direction systems ( ISO 14001 ) by Wilco W. Chan and Kenny Ho we can see the chart with the different sections and its purposes. Introduced in China during the twelvemonth 2003 with the publication of China Hotel Association s criterions for green hotels, it was targeted to construct and develop 10,000 green hotels by 2010. In May 2007, URBN Hotels A ; Resorts, a hotel situated in Shanghai, entered into an agreement with Emissions Zero, a company which sells beginnings nursery gas emanations. URBN plans was to cipher the hotel s entire sum of energy consumed, to so buy credits in order to cut down its footmark by puting In the local green undertakings. In the islands where touristry industry is backbone for economic growing, due to the fright of losing developers, there is frequently a deficiency of ordinances. Two illustrations are Barbados and Jamaica, whereby they utilize financess raised to organizing the Plan for a Sustainable Tourism and the Tourism Product Development Company. They have developed course of studies refering sustainable patterns for the different hotelkeepers. The Government enterprises for illustrations such as Energy Conservation Building Code 2007 are largely focused on how to continue environment. A new codification had been launched June 2007 clearly specified that merely the energy public presentation demands for all commercial edifices will constructed in India. 1.6 IPD Environment Code In February 2008 the IPD Environment Code, which was supposed to be a good pattern planetary criterion, has been launched. The Code was introduces in order to mensurate the environmental public presentation of corporate edifices. Its purpose is to accurately measure, measure and cover with the environmental impacts of commercial edifices. The Code covers a wide array of edifice types which have as purposes to: environmental program creative activity Communicating a duty to the betterment of the environment. Create public presentation marks Environmental betterment programs Life rhythm appraisals United Nations ( UN ) has introduces an Agenda 21 which is connected to sustainable development, a design of action. It is supposed to be taken internationally, on a national graduated table and locally by different types of organisations of the UN, authoritiess, and major groups that is in every portion in which the worlds has an consequence on the environment. A great figure of organisations, due to the increasing involvement in eco-building constructs, are now developing the different criterions and evaluation systems which are promoting the authorities s regulators every bit good as the building professional in following eco-buildings with more strong belief. There are besides different codifications being written which are now being adopted by the authorities in order to cut down the different environmental impacts of all the edifices. 1.7 Eco activities offered to tourers by Eco-Hotels Over the past old ages, the touristry industry has begun to advance and spread out and some tourers adopted and supported the construct of ecotourism, particularly in coastal and marine locations ( Miller, 1991 ; Miller A ; Auyong, 1991b ; Grenier et al. , ) . Ecotourism day of the months to twelvemonth 1965 when Hetzer required a reconsidering of cultural instruction in touristry context and promoted ecological touristry ( eco-tourism ) . Today eco-tourism has become an international construct that makes up the rules of saving, preservation and sustainable development. Harmonizing to Valentine ( 1991 ) in the literature ecotourism is besides recognised as adventure touristry, nature-oriented touristry, alternative touristry, appropriate touristry, soft touristry , responsible touristry, ethical touristry, environment-friendly travel, green touristry, sustainable touristry, and nature touristry. The list could be extended with other options like equality touristry, ethni c touristry, cultural touristry, socio-ecological touristry, photo-safari touristry, dive touristry or surfing touristry . A tourer activity, a private venture or authorities service, and a usher for ethical behavior are some proficient definitions given to ecotourism. For Hetzer ( 1965 ) , responsible eco-tourism is assessed against four criterions: Minimal environmental impact ; Minimum impact on and maximal regard for host civilizations ; Maximum economic benefits to the host state s grassroots ; and Maximum recreational satisfaction to take parting tourers. The Ecotourism Society, a non-profit administration created in 1990 to function circuit operators, preservation professionals, protected country direction specializers, research workers, and ushers, among others, defines ecotourism as responsible travel that conserves the environment and sustains the wellbeing of local people. For illustration in Shanti Maurice hotel, along with the local dweller, usage composting for waste decrease. However, there is non yet any standard method to quantify the sum of ecotourism. Knocks ( 1992 ) notes that, while generic touristry additions around 4 % yearly, ecotourism is turning at a rate of 30 % . Lindberg ( 1991 ) stated that nature-based touristry contributed between $ 2 and $ 12 billion in 1988 to the economic systems of developing states. Harmonizing to Miller ( 1993 ) , today, demand for travel shows greater divergence and magnitude than of all time before, so doing the touristry industry the biggest concern on the Earth. The addition in handiness of public conveyance, auto ownership, outbound travel, and new involvements in nature based ecotourism, with the increased leisure clip implies a promising hereafter to marine eco-tourism. As a consequence more careful and elaborate readying and planning is necessary to suit the estimated reaching of tourers to coastal countries. But still ecotourism is frequently disadvantaged by limited entree, deficiency of conveyance and hapless resort installations, including lodging installations. It is indispensable to accomplish a good balance between the development of leisure and the saving of natural resources is to prolong the high quality of recreational activities. The construct of the 3s ( sea, sand, Sun ) touristry is altering to more sustainable touristry activities. There are different eco hotels which offer different activities to tourers depending on their surrounding environment. Hereunder is a list of eco hotels of different eco star evaluations and the eco activities they offer to the tourers. 3 star Eco hotels Leafs and Lizards Arenal Volcano Cabin Retreat ( Central America-Costa Rica ) Guests learn about effects of deforestation and its effects on biodiversity, clime and H2O during their stay at Leaves and Lizards. Information is shared and discussed during guided Tourss, through insouciant conversations and written stuff in invitees suites. Activities available at that place to tourers are horse equitation, white H2O rafting, nothing lines ( Tyrolean crossbeam ) and canyoning. Admiral s Inn-north ( America- USA ) Information of all the local environmentally-friendly activities that are in the country, including beach walking and hike are given to invitees. Al Tarfa Desert Sanctuary Lodge A ; Spa- ( Africa-Egypt ) Al Tarfa is an escapade finish, offering day-to-day activities such as guided walks in the desert, local community experiences, camel or Equus caballus drives inthedunes or 44 visits to local pharaonic, every bit good as Islamic ruins and natural hot springs. Other honoring experiences can be arranged, including trips to theadjacent Oases, theWhite Desert Protected Area and theGilf Kebir National Park. Lake Manyara Tree Lodge- ( Africa-Tanzania ) This offers a figure of specialist campaign as activities to invitees. Ant s Nest and Ant s Hill- ( South Africa ) The purpose of Ant s Nest and Ant s Hill is to supply a unambiguously flexible campaign experience Club Afrodit- ( Europe-Turkey ) This hotel provides assorted activities like forenoon gymnastic exercises, nature walks, tennis, ping-pong, aerobic exercises, hoops, volleyball, darts, H2O Polo. Eco-Lodge Itororo- ( South America-Brazil ) Eco-Lodge Itororo offers a scope of activities from boosting Tourss to horseback equitation and swimming in the crystal-clear natural pool. Ferme de Candeloup- ( Europe-France ) This eco hotel besides acts as a Yoga Centre.During the Winter, a 40 minute thrust brings invitees to the nearest ski station, which is besides merely a short walk to the Spanish boundary line. Whitewater rafting, Equus caballus equitation and many other activities can besides be pursued in the vicinity. For those of a more easy temperament, Candeloup is at the bosom of the Jurancon vino part, which begs to be explored. Finca del Buen Consejo- ( South America-Ecuador ) They offer activities in many of the local beautiful sites such as waterfall visits, mountain mounting, fly fishing, and pre Inca civilisation ruins Hotel Planinka- ( Europe-Slovenia ) Activities organised by the hotel for the invitees include mountain escapade park, paintball, boosting A ; mountain biking, sledging, ice skating. Best Western Kamloops- ( North America-Canada ) In the country invitees will happen some of the finest golf classs in the state, horseback equitation, mountain biking, hike, dodo exploring, and Western Heritage visit. For more winter activities nearby is the first-class ski Sun Peaks Resort, which is rapidly going one of the Prime Minister ski countries in the state. Hosteria Huechulafquen- ( South America-Argentina ) Guests can bask different jaunts with diverse trouble degrees like horseback equitation, trekking, mountain biking, long walks, kayaking, bird observation, scenery hike, and the hotel specialises in gimmick and release fishing. Ibo Island Lodge, Quirimbas Archipelago- ( Africa-Mozambique ) Ibo Island Lodge provides polo-neck and hatching sing chances to invitees to the island. Iglu-Dorf- ( Europe-Switzerland and Germany ) Activities available there are snow show walking, iglu edifice and sculpting. Inkaterra Machu Picchu- ( South America-Peru ) Group eco-activities, such as bird observation or a guided orchid walk, are provided on their 12-acre evidences. Laguna del Lagarto Eco Lodge- ( Central America-Costa Rica ) The Lodge is operated in harmoniousness with nature following extended ecological guidelines. It is a perfect topographic point for passionate bird-watchers and rain forest lovers. More than 10 kilometer of good marked rainforest trails make birding and researching easy, whether invitees prefer to travel entirely or with a naturalist or birding usher. Matemo Island- ( Africa-Mozambique ) For invitees who enjoy H2O athleticss, seafaring, windsurfing, H2O skiing and banana boats, these activities are offered. Kayaks and snorkels are besides available for invitees to research the island s clear Waterss. Rivertime resort and Ecolodge- ( Asia-Laos ) Rivertime resort and Ecolodge provide river Tourss to invitees. And Tours most absorbing temples, monasteries, museums and many other sites of involvement return invitees to the metropolis and local countries in the resort s minibus. Sosian Lodge-africa Kenya Sosian offers a immense scope of activities including walking, horse-riding, camel campaign, game-drives, night-drives, fishing, bird-shooting, archery, tennis and swimming in the waterfalls behind the spread house. 4 star Eco hotels Belvedere Bed A ; Breakfast- ( Europe-Italy ) All kinds of activities, are provided at this hotel, like walking, trekking, mountain climbing, cycling, skiing, snowboarding, snow shoeing or merely loosen uping surrounded by good nutrient, vino and beautiful scenery. Brompton Lakes- ( Europe-England ) The site is straight on the Coast to Coast long distance pathway and ideally placed for walking, cycling and other out-of-door activities. There is besides a tennis tribunal, free mountain motorcycle hire and little rowing boats on the lakes. Cedar House Inn and Yurts- ( North America-USA ) Cedar House Inn and Yurts provide horseback equitation, kayaking, canoeing, tubing down the Etowah or Chestatee Rivers and swimming in Dicks Creek. Mountain bicycling on rugged trails or route motorcycle on the same cragged path used by professional race drivers is besides available. Chem chem- ( Africa-Tanzania ) Guests at Chem chem can see unforgettable walking campaign and bird observation jaunts. Cotton Tree Lodge- ( Central America-Belize ) All guest jaunts are focused on the local environment and community. Guests visit waterfalls, caves, Mayan ruins, wildlife militias, and local places and small towns. Dar Itrane Ecolodge- ( Africa-Morocco ) Activities at this hotel are nature-based touristry activities like walking in the small towns and hike and trekking in the surrounding mountains. Desoto Inns- ( North America-Florida ) Guests there can angle, swim, snorkel, do kayaking, boat Tourss and hike. Explora Rapa Nui- ( South America-Chille ) They offer assorted geographic expeditions on pes, bike, boat or horseback. Gaija Hostel- ( Europe-Finland ) Gaija Hostel provides horseback-riding, kayaking and rowing boat and bikes are available for rent. Besides boosting, snowshoeing and skiing can be arranged Hotel Mocking Bird Hill- ( Central America-Jamaica ) There are a scope of activities to bask there like bird observation, hike, cycling, snorkel diving, plunging or invitees can merely put in knolls and ticker emerald green hummingbirds dart from flower to bloom. Heron Island- ( Australia-Oceania ) Heron Island is celebrated for its antic aqualung diving and snorkel diving. 5 star Ecohotels Arenas del Mar- ( Central America-Costa Rica ) This hotel provides assorted eco activities to tourers like white water rafting, mangrove kayak and boat Tourss, guided rainforest hikings, ocean kayaking, gimmick and release athletics fishing, horseback siting jaunts and activities organised by the Canopy Tours. The Canopy Tour offers exciting chance to surge through the rain forest high above the forest floor to see jungle life. Algonquin Eco Lodge- ( North America-Canada ) Algonquin Eco Lodge provides skiing, Canis familiaris sledding, hike, canoeing, and mountain biking as activity to their invitees. Balamku Inn on the Beach- ( North America-Mexico ) Here invitees can bask snorkeling, scub

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Every Great Gatsby Movie, Compared 2013, 1974, 1949

Every Great Gatsby Movie, Compared 2013, 1974, 1949 SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips If you've looked up The Great Gatsby movie, you've probably realized that there is more than one. So which of The Great Gatsby movies you should watch? Wondering if you can skip reading the book? We have a complete guide to each of the Great Gatsby movie adaptations, as well as some advice for writing about the movies! The Great Gatsby Movies 101 Gatsby has had four film adaptations, with two especially big-budget, well-known movies: the 1974 version starring Robert Redford and the 2013 film with Leonardo DiCaprio. There was also a silent film adaptation made in 1926, just one year after the novel came out, but that film has been lost, with only a one-minute trailer that survives to attest to its existence. Some elements of the film adaptations have strongly influenced people's vision and understanding of the novel, but there isn't one "best" Great Gatsby movie or one best Great Gatsby cast, or even one movie that has fully captured the spirit of the novel. (Compare this with To Kill a Mockingbird, which has just one major film adaptation that many consider not only worthy of the book, but also to be one of the best movies of all time.) So, to be clear: none of the Great Gatsby movies can replace the experience of reading the novel. And there isn't even one obvious choice for the best adaptation to watch! However, watching one (or, if you're ambitious, all!) of the adaptations in addition to reading the book can help you visualize the characters, recognize the sheer grandeur of Gatsby's parties, and appreciate some of the larger themes of the book. Here are a few pros and cons to watching a Great Gatsby film. Advantages of Watching the Great Gatsby Movies Great performances. Although spread across the four different movies, each of the main characters in Gatsby gets at least one stellar performance, from Alan Ladd's Jay Gatsby to Sam Waterston's Nick Carraway to Elizabeth Debicki's Jordan. Watching the actors bring these characters to life can help you appreciate these characters' best lines, motivations, and outcomes. This can, in turn, help you write better essays about The Great Gatsby! Stunning visuals. Gatsby is often praised for its straightforward, descriptive writing, but it can be nice to see a filmmaker's vision of, say, one of Jay Gatsby's extravagant parties rather than just imagining the orchestra, the drinks, and the partygoers, in your head. Not only does this help you appreciate the incredible decadence of the 1920s, and specifically the wealthy characters in the novel, it can also help you appreciate a visual detail you may have missed on your first read-through of the book. Appreciation of the key lines. When you're reading a book to yourself, sometimes you may find yourself skimming over a line or passage that actually contains a really important piece of dialogue or characterization. Watching a movie adaptation, and hearing the lines the screenwriter chose to adapt and highlight, can help you catch and appreciate some of Gatsby's most iconic phrases. Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words. Reasons to Avoid Watching Any of These Movies Time Commitment You're going to have to budget at least an hour and a half, but likely more, if you want to watch a Gatsby movie. The runtimes for each of the movies is as follows: 1949 Version- 91 Minutes 1974 Version- 149 minutes 2000 Version- 90 minutes 2013 Version- 142 minutes Especially with the incredibly busy schedules many students have these days, it could be hard to find the time to devote two and a half hours to watching a Gatsby movie, on top of the time it takes to read the book. Also, keep in mind the book is relatively short- in the time it takes to watch one of the movies you could easily read at least half of the book. Inaccuracies and Deviations From the Novel Obviously, no movie can perfectly adapt a book, so everything from small details (like Daisy's hair color) to large plot events (like Tom blatantly telling George that Gatsby is the killer in the 2013 film) can be changed. This could be a problem if you mix up a scene that occurred only in one of the movies with something from the book when working on an assignment. Mistaking the Director's Vision for Fitzgerald's With any film, the director (along with the screenwriter, cinematographer, actors, and the rest of the crew) has a certain version or message that she brings to life. This can get a bit complicated in book adaptations, since a book- especially one as rich and layered as Gatsby- can contain a variety of messages and themes, but a director might choose to highlight just one or two. As a brief example, the 1949 movie emphasizes Gatsby's criminal enterprises and can almost read like a morality tale. But the 2013 movie puts Gatsby and Daisy's failed love affair front and center. The potential issue with this is that if you watch just one movie, and skip the book, you could totally miss a larger theme that the book clearly shows, like the false hope of the American Dream, contentious race relations in the 1920s, or the inability to truly recapture the past. In short, make sure you understand that while a movie has to focus on just one or two themes to be coherent, a book can present many more, and you definitely have to read Gatsby to understand the various themes it touches on. With those pros and cons in mind, you can read on to learn more about each film adaptation to decide if you want to watch one (or all of them!). After the summaries, we'll have some advice for writing about the movies, which is an increasingly common assignment in English/Language Arts classes! The Great Gatsby (1949) The first big adaptation of The Great Gatsby came in 1949, just as the book was becoming more popular (but before it had really settled in as classic American novel). So this movie, made by Paramount Pictures, is not very high budget and mainly relies on the star power of Alan Ladd as Gatsby to sell the film. Perhaps the studio was right to lean on Ladd, because it turns out that Ladd's performance is the main aspect of this adaptation worth watching. He brings an incredibly layered performance of Gatsby in a performance that's, unfortunately, much better than the movie around him. This film isn't as accurate to the book's plot as later adaptations- it focuses more on Gatsby's criminal enterprises, makes Jordan more significant, and ends with Nick and Jordan married. It's also lower budget than the later productions and has more of a film noir feel. Plus, the other actors, particularly Betty Field as Daisy, aren't nearly as good as the lead, making the overall cast weaker than later productions. (Though Shelley Winters is fantastic as Myrtle.) This film is also harder to find since it's older and not readily available on streaming services like Netflix. Your best bet would be checking out a few clips on YouTube, tracking down a DVD copy at a local library, or purchasing it on Amazon. Basically, this film is worth finding if you want an excellent visualization of Gatsby himself but aren't as worried about the surrounding production or other characters and/or you like old movies and film noir. But for most students, one of the later adaptations will likely be a better choice. The Great Gatsby (1974) The 1974 version of The Great Gatsby (sometimes referred to as the "Robert Redford Great Gatsby") was Hollywood's second attempt at adapting the novel, and by all accounts everyone involved was working a lot harder to do the book justice. It had a really large budget, brought in Francis Ford Coppola to adapt the screenplay, and cast big name actors like Robert Redford and Mia Farrow. The costumes and sets are stunning. However, some critics noted the expensive scenery somewhat takes away from some of the authenticity of the book- for example, in the scene where Daisy and Gatsby reunite, the weather is sunny instead of rainy, presumably because the rain would have ruined the costumes. Despite these blips, Coppola's screenplay is much more loyal to the book's plot than the 1949 version. However, the movie fails to channel the energy and passion of the novel, and so can fall flat or even become dull. Redford received mixed reviews for his performance. He crafts two characters- the suave Jay Gatsby and the hardscrabble Jay Gatz- which some reviewers like and others find a bit heavy-handed. (It's much less subtle than Ladd's performance, in my opinion.) Sam Waterston is great as Nick Carraway. He captures a lot of Nick's naà ¯vetà © and optimism, but isn't given as much to do as more recent versions of the character. Mia Farrow's portrayal of Daisy has become our culture's image of this character, despite her blonde hair and waifish figure. (In the book, Daisy is described as having dark hair, and was meant to resemble Ginevra King and Zelda Sayre). All in all, this is a mostly faithful adaptation of the book with beautiful sets, costumes, and some good performances. Especially compared to the more raucous 2013 version, this is probably the closest movie we have to a page-to-screen adaptation of Gatsby. The downside is that it's somewhat low energy, and lacks a lot of the zip and wit of the novel. This version is available on Netflix streaming, so if you have a Netflix account, it's really easy to watch. The Great Gatsby (2000) This movie is decently accurate, but because of its shorter run time, there are some cuts to the plot. It also has a few odd additions, like Daisy coming up with the name "Gatsby" instead of Gatsby himself. Paul Rudd as Carraway and Mira Sorvino as Daisy were mostly considered good casting choices, but the Gatsby here (Toby Stephens) wasn't great- rather lifeless and unenthusiastic. I also didn't love Jordan, especially compared to Elizabeth Debicki's Jordan in the 2013 film. Heather Goldenhersh's Myrtle is an interesting take, as well- she's more meek and pitiable than other Myrtles (especially Shelley Winters and Isla Fisher), which is a bit strange but I think it makes for a more sympathetic character. This film also has much lower production values since it was made for TV, so it doesn't have the escapist feel of either the Redford or Luhrmann films. (The party scenes are especially sparse.) I would consider watching this if you want a film mostly accurate to the book that also moves along more quickly, since it has a shorter run time. It's also a good choice if you want to see some great characterizations of Nick and Daisy. Teachers, this might be a good choice if you want to show a version of the film in class but don't have two and a half hours to spend on the 1974 or 2013 versions. The Great Gatsby (2013) This one is likely the Gatsby movie you are most familiar with. Directed by Baz Luhrmann, this Gatsby has the eye-popping visuals, dancing scenes, high energy and big production values his movies are known for. In other words, this 2013 adaptation has all of the energy and enthusiasm the previous two adaptations were lacking. However, there are some pretty big plot diversions here. For example, the movie uses a completely different frame- Nick is a bitter, institutionalized alcoholic looking back at the summer he spent with Gatsby, rather than just a disenchanted former bond salesman like in the novel. Also, Tom Buchanan is much more overtly villainous, since we see him bluntly telling George that Gatsby was the killer and the man sleeping with Myrtle. A lot of the imagery is also quite over the top. For example, the scene in Chapter 1 where Daisy and Jordan are introduced, lying in white dresses while white curtains blow around them, is faithfully but subtly done in the 1974 and 2000 films. But in the Luhrmann movie, the CGI curtains stretch all the way across the room, and we get 15 seconds of Daisy and Jordan giggling while Tobey Maguire's Nick looks on, bemused. Still, despite the plot diversions and sometimes heavy-handed imagery, many praised Leo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan's turns as Gatsby and Daisy, respectively. Jordan, played by Elizabeth Debicki, is also fantastic- arguably the best on film so far. Instead of fading into the background of scenes, Debicki's Jordan is energetic and engaged, enlivening all of the scenes she's in. The 2013 movie is good to watch if you want an extra high-powered version of the Jazz Age extravagance and are curious about a more artistic adaptation of the novel. Comparing the Great Gatsby Movies to the Novel One increasingly popular assignment on The Great Gatsby is to compare the book with one of the movie adaptations. This can be a fun assignment to work on, since you get to write about both the book and a movie version of Gatsby. But some students struggle with it, since it can be tricky to incorporate an analysis of both the book and a movie into your paper. Here are some pro tips for constructing this kind of essay. Have an overall argument or point you're trying to prove, and make it manageable! Don't try to compare the entire movie to the entire book. Instead, zoom in on a particular aspect, like comparing Daisy Buchanan in the book to Daisy in the movie, or look at just a few of the symbols. For example, if you're asked to write about how symbols are adapted in the movie, don't go through every symbol you can think of. Instead, you could focus on your paper on the green light or the eyes of Doctor T.J. Eckleburg, and really look at your chosen symbol in detail. Make sure to use specific lines, scenes, or shots to back up your argument. In your English classes, you've probably learned about using evidence from the book as evidence for your essays. It turns out, you can do the same with movies! Even better, you have a wider variety of evidence to choose from. You can talk about a specific shot of the film, and how it's composed (basically where the actors and objects are arranged in the shot). You can also talk about lines from the script, or the order of scenes. Just make sure to point to specific, concrete evidence! (Don't say: Carey Mulligan's Daisy is flighty. Do say: Carey Mulligan's performance in the flashback scene demonstrates more raw, intense emotion than apparent in the book, revealing Baz Luhrmann's tendency to overdraw emotion.) Don't just make a list of plot differences between the book and the movie. Just listing the plot differences won't allow you to do any deep analysis of the director's vision for their film and how it's different from the novel. Movie Essay Example As a brief example, let's look at how one of Gatsby's most famous symbols, the green light at the end of the Buchanans' dock, is shown in two of the movies and what it shows about the directors' visions. In the 1974 film, the green light is very simply rendered- it's quite literally a small green light at the end of Tom and Daisy's dock: Director Jack Clayton doesn't linger on it, and at the end of the film you just get a small glimpse of it before the final fade to black. Its significance, I would argue, is even more underplayed than in the novel. The treatment of the green light echoes how Clayton goes for a subtle, even elegant, treatment of the novel, focusing on the interactions between the characters rather than the symbolism. But in the 2013 film, the green light shows up often, and Luhrmann uses CGI and sound effects to underscore its significance (check out how it's used in the last scene). Luhrmann's overwrought rendering of the green light speaks to how he strongly stresses the novel's most famous visuals, in an effort to bring the image of the novel to light. Unfortunately, this comes at the expense of some of the character relationships and fidelity to the book's plot. This is just the beginning of what could be a longer analysis of the symbols in the movies, but you can see how even zooming in on just one symbol can give you quite a bit to talk about. Other Notable Films If you're really getting into all things F. Scott Fitzgerald, you might also consider watching these three films for fun: G, which came out in 2002 and is a loose adaptation of Gatsby. In the film, Gatsby is Summer G, a hip-hop mogul trying to win back the love of his life, Sky. The film opened to generally poor reviews, but you can't deny it's a really creative take on Gatsby, and it has attracted a small but loyal following online. Midnight in Paris briefly shows Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald during their time in Paris, as portrayed by Tom Hiddleston and Allison Pill. This is a fun, if fictional, glimpse into F. Scott's life as he was writing Gatsby. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, a recent film starring Brad Pitt, is based on an F. Scott Fitzgerald short story. What's Next? Looking to bring Gatsby into your life via outfits, candles, or other accoutrements? Check out our list of 15 must-have Great Gatsby accessories for ideas. Read through our biography of F. Scott Fitzgerald to learn more about where and how The Great Gatsby was written. Dive into the novel's beginning with our guides to Gatsby's title, its opening pages and epigraph, and the first chapter. Or, start with a summary of The Great Gatsby, along with links to all our great articles analyzing this novel! Need a hand with analyzing other works of literature? Check out our analyses of The Crucible, The Cask of Amontillado, and "Do not go gentle into that good night." Want to improve your SAT score by 160 points or your ACT score by 4 points? We've written a guide for each test about the top 5 strategies you must be using to have a shot at improving your score. Download it for free now:

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