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Question - Essay Example (Laudon, & J. P. (2011) These management reports are used by supervisors and management in the middle level. The reports help managers make routine decisions in business to solve problems. An example is the sales management system and the personnel/HRM system. Decision Support System (DSS)- as the name suggests, this system is used by managers to help them make decisions in situations where the outcomes of a decision are uncertain. (Nagpal, 2011).  Therefore, this system uses techniques and tools to collect the necessary information, analyze the choices and alternatives available to solve a particular problem by producing models and projections. This system uses external data to give solutions to a problem. An example is the Group Decision support system (GDSS) and the spreadsheet model. Executive Support System-this system involves collection and analysis of important information-both internal and external in the business. It is used by the management at the senior level and this helps them make decisions that are strategic to the business. Office Automation Systems- this system is designed to improve the efficiency and productivity of the employees that are involved in processing of information and data. An example is the Microsoft Office system. (Laudon & J. P.2011) Knowledge Management Systems- these systems aid in the creation and sharing of information in businesses. These systems are normally used in a business set up where its employees can develop new ideas and expertise that can create more opportunities by sharing the new ideas to other people in the business. The transactions in a business are supposed to be managed efficiently, keeping in mind that the performance of a business organisation relies on work coordination. (Nagpal, 2011).  Information technology has eased the communication speed and improved the

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Answers question based on - Case Study Example Card is done using digital signatures that accurately verifies whether a certain user has an existing electronic document (Farhoomand & McCauley, 2008, p. 6). TradeCard is very strict never to disclose private information, confidential transaction data, or business details to external parties without permission from the users. Members’ personal identifiable information and confidential transaction data are only shared with other participating business partners and with TradeCard’s coalition partners. TradeCard uses a Global secure site that ensures the client browsers are highly confidential. The server certificates in this site have a strong (a 128-bit) encryption on all transactions between a client’s browser and TradeCard system servers (Farhoomand & McCauley, 2008, p. 7). Data integrity in any transaction is very important to people involved. That is the reason TradeCard system provides a high-level of assurance that unauthorized person cannot alter any data in a transaction. Digital signatures protect integrity of user’s documents in the system. The Global site system can prove the integrity of a document in future by passing the document information and public key into a digital signature verification algorithm. In case of any type of data manipulation, the verification process will be unsuccessful (Farhoomand & McCauley, 2008, p. 11). In its effort to provide secure means of conducting global transactions, beside from the strict application procedures and verifications followed via Thomas Cook and Coface, TradeCard has created a complex security system. The architecture of the system has three built levels of security; these are, 2-factor user authentication, server authentication, and digital signatures The Global Secure Site Certificate secures TradeCard system, where by the Secure site ID ensures the user’s browser is encrypted with the communications encryption of 128 bit for US web browser and 40 bit for an exportable Web browser. Each

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Technology and Healthcare Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Technology and Healthcare - Essay Example The potential of IT industry in the healthcare sector is huge and the opportunity is increasing with every passing year. To get involved in the healthcare industry, the amount invested by the venture capitalist has increased three times from 2010 to 2013, from $ 343million to $955 million. (Lee, 2013). There are 5 distinct ways by which the technology is associated with the health care industry. These include: Using data to offer a better diagnosis and treatment of the patient by the doctors and physician; Helping doctors to communicate with the patient in a better way; Technology able to help doctors to communicate between one another to consult about the treatment of any serious cases; Connecting doctors with the patient anytime from anywhere; Helping patients to stay healthy with the help of various mobile and technological applications. (Lee, 2013). One of the best examples of use of IT in healthcare is development of â€Å"Omnifluent Health, a translation program for doctors and others in the medical field.†(Lee, 2013) In USA, almost 47 million people do not speak or understand English, so this application I a great medium for them to communicate with doctors. New York City startup Sherpaa started a service of medical consultations online and over the phone for the people of USA. â€Å"Fitbit is one such kind of device which tracks daily sleep and activity and uses social networking and gaming to motivate its users.

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Guest Speaker Lab Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Guest Speaker - Lab Report Example This age is where baby boomers are retiring from work and the new generation will need to fill in those spaces. Leadership is also required because of the changing socio political atmosphere. Scarcity of resources aside, many problems raise heads because of uneven population distribution and poverty stricken areas. There is also a trend among people where they don’t take up the responsibilities and become answerable. This attitude has been given the acronym of ‘NIMBY’, short for ‘never in my back yard’. Due to rapid changes in technology, leadership becomes even more important as people need to be guided and directed about what to do and how to do. There is so much available on the internet, access to information has improved considerably therefore people are more aware of their laws and governments than ever before. Media also plays a vital role in leadership and government procedures. Administrations now work in glass houses, even minor mistakes are exposed through journalism and media. Lastly, there is an anti-tax attitude among people. There are always some percentages of people who are resistive to changes in legislations, no matter what kind of changes. Mr. Alexander E. Briseà ±o identified ten basic principles of leadership that he has followed throughout his career. Accurate and sound judgment is very important for a good administrative leader. Most of the decisions are made regarding costs and revenues, therefore correct judgment is vital. The leader needs to communicate his performance measures to his team and co-workers for a goal to achieve; correct judgment will make that possible. Empowering people is also crucial as it saves time on both sides of the bargaining counter. Efficient customer service seals the perfect deal. Having the knowledge of what is being done is required in every profession but for a leader,

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