Thursday, June 13, 2019

Argument Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Argument Analysis - Essay ExampleIn suppose to build an excellent and convincing argumentative essay it is necessary for the writer to take in account various aspects that are involved in the turn of a good essay. This includes the life, style of writing, use of statistical data and the art of building an essay on the basis of the data collected, targeting and securing an audience for his essay and so forth similarly the author of this expression is also observed to be using such techniques as a result of which his essay provides the readers with a lot of a variety of aspects to be explored. The approach used in depicting this essay is explicit because the article deals with a critical topic that can have savage affects if remedies are not taken. This essay reflects the writers concern for his environment as well as the health of his fellow beings because he tries to convince the readers about the adverse set up of using fossil fuels in contrast to the benefits of nuclear migh tiness plant. ... Yet at the same time analogies and facts are used to compare and contrast the nominate of his province with other governments without confining the comparison to a particular country. As mentioned in the article, other governments are enthusiastically embracing nuclear power as a way to lessen their greenhouse emissions and their dependence on imported oil. Hence the writers point of view depicted in this article is not only acceptable but also gives the readers food for thought and consequently results in convincing them. The article very tactfully states all the pros and cons of get-go a new power plant. The essay strategically first talks about the importance and the benefits of nuclear power plants and gradually moves towards the amount of risk and finance involved in this essay. So this gradual descend from the glory to the risk is a good strategy on the writers part. As states, with advanced designs, new construction techniques and strong oversight should be even safer The tab for a new reactor can run as high as $7 billion to $8 billion, and overruns can add more. There is a long lead time before a plant starts selling power and paying returns. The target audience of the writer appears to be the investors of the private sector as well as the government officials who are responsible for providing assistance to the citizens of the country in beginning a new venture. The tone of the essay is formal since the target audience is also the group of investors and the government officials. The use of formal tone helps in enhancing the over all impact of this article on the readers since the purpose of this article is to attract the citizens of

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