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Importance of Learning Styles in Nursing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Importance of Learning Styles in Nursing - Essay Example cod to different background, nurses offer a continuum of experiences and attributes during tuition such as varied learning styles. Therefore, rearing courses should focus on meeting the particular learning ineluctably of unmarrieds (Young & Paterson, 2007). Every individual shows preference for a particular learning style and this in turn accelerates an individuals ability to learn. It has been stated that the primary end of training courses is to upgrade an individuals functioning however, little effort or attention goes into appraising training methods. Research about successful training indicates that problem-focuses, pragmatic learning schemes based on skilful clinical monitoring and mentorship should be established. It was also revealed that nurses prefer on the job training these results were similar to those of some other research. It has been demonstrated that passive learning is futile and does not lead to improv ement as opposed to active learning. Such researches have shown the need to re mold training schemes to embrace a work-oriented and learner-focused method. A logical approach and reasoning is encouraged by imparting education in practical clinical situation. This clinical scope assists in incorporating theoretical knowledge in actual convention for provision of better care of patients. The potential to learn and further application of this learning into practice plays an integral role in providing quality clinical service. Proficient and highly skilled staff guarantees the well-being of patients. In addition, such competent workforce entrust have to ability to identify and react aptly to clinical requirements. Incorporation of knowledge, learning styles, conceptions is the cornerstone for establishing an effective learning atmosphere. Thereby, an eclectic pretense is suggested that would integrate the complexities of individual learning into the associations practices. Honey and Mumfords Learning Style Questionnaire The learning style inventory model presented by Kolb inspired numerous theorists. His model served as the foundation stone for Honey and Mumfords Learning Styles Questionnaire. The distinguishing element between the two models is that the latter investigates general behavioural predisposition whereas Kolbs model revolves around straightforward queries. Honey and Mumford advocated that majority of individuals have never put thought into how they acquire knowledge (Honey & Mumford, 2006). Essentially, the two models are similar but with fry differences, for instance the terms of Kolbs model have been substituted divergers with reflector, assimilators with theorist, convergers with pragmatist and accommodators with activist (Sims & Sims, 1995). 1. Reflector--- finds lecturers beneficial if they are based on expert expositions and analysis. He is amicable of learning by means of watching, thinking and reviewing over events. He utilizes journals and brainstorms. 2. Theorist prefers lectures, case studies, books, structure, standards, and examples. He adopts a step-by-step approach to deal with problems and is not in favour of expert talk. 3. Pragmatist fond of feedback, teaching and establishes evident ties between ongoing task and a difficulty. He applies novel knowledge to practice and is inclined towards laboratories, actual work and examination. 4. Activist

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