Monday, June 10, 2019

Discussion Forum Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Discussion Forum - Essay ExampleConfucius lived 2,500 years ago in Lu, a small state in Eastern China. During this time, China was riddle with political strife and confusion during the reign of Zhou dynasty by which it prompted him to develop his doctrine/philosophy of Confucianism on how to create a caller that is founded on symmetry and balance of which his political environment is devoid. After the died at the of 73, his teachings spread throughout China and its influence still storngly revererates until today.Confucianism as a philosophy and social ethic encourages a lifetime pursuit of moral excellence or to become better founded on the belief that everyone possesses the inherent capability to develop into an autonomous and self-directed person by developing the Ren.Ren is being perfected or inculcated through practice which is facilitated by Li or the process of cultivating ones goodness. Confucius withal cited the Golden Rule or the law that states to treat everybody the way we want to be treated as one of the mechanism that promotes virtue in the indivdual and society as well. The practice of the Golden Rule benefits everyone and such provides the necessary environment to cultivate the

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