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Provide an analysis of 3models of health and demonstrate which is the Essay

Provide an analysis of 3models of health and demonstrate which is the most effective mpdel to occasion when working with young people - Essay ExampleFor example, prostate cancer is an ailment affecting middle aged and elderly males, while breast and ovarian cancer is exclusively a disease affecting women. Similarly, diabetes, gout and obesity ar diseases affecting the sedentary population. Likewise, there are also some diseases which company regards specifically as the diseases and ailments of the youth- the foremost among them being drug ab utilization, alcoholism and AIDS, to name a few. It is therefore imperative that the youth of a society or a country be cared for under a national initiative like health policies for the youth. This paper will explore the history and relatively recent efforts do by the Department of Health UK and other ancillary organizations in the last decade towards promoting the health, gum elastic and security of our youth population in the UK. We wil l be looking at three models of youth care and intervention-the biomedical model, the political model and the quality of life model, describing each and comparing and evaluating which one is the best to use in the UK for the purpose of protecting the health and stability of our youth. Identifying Key Issues within Youth Health Care It has been estimated that as much as 20 part of the population of the world comprises its youth. In the UK, the National Health Service (NHS) is the name of the public health service while the Department of Health (DOH) is the Government base organization entrusted with matters regarding public health policy. It also issues warnings about disease prevention and control, makes health information commonly available and undertakes other initiatives as needed for the safety and protection of the general health of the UK population. Recently the DOH has started an initiative that makes its services more user friendly towards the youth. Specifically this cov ers ten different areas, namely accessibility, publicity, confidentiality and consent, environment, lag training, skills, attitudes and values, joined-up working, young peoples involvement in monitoring and evaluation of patient experience health issues for young people sexual and reproductive health services, and specialist and targeted child and adolescent mental health services. This initiative has started in the backdrop of the successful Getting It Right for Teenagers program run for doctors and hospitals in practice. The hospitals and health centers have been directed to undertake a self review and evaluate themselves in terms of readiness or completeness in meeting the above criteria. grandeur of the Health Needs of Young People According to a report published in 2007, youth and adolescents in the UK are engaging in perilous behaviour that compromises their own health and well being to a disproportionately high level when compared to youth in other countries. The incidence of UK teenagers risking their health by means of smoking, drug and alcohol use, unsafe sex and becoming parents in their teenage years if taken together far surpasses that of any other country in the positive world. In particular, sections of the youth under the age of 15 having been drunk or having had sexual intercourse frequently without the use of a condom are the highest in the UK. It is not surprising that children born to young women between the ages 15 and 19 happen most frequently in Britain relative to other developed nations. Although these figures only represent part of the

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