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YouTube Ethnography Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

YouTube Ethnography - Essay ExampleThe study of sociolinguistics in contrary contexts of diction usually indicates that the different actors lines in see contribute to the different sociological views that people have of the run-in users. In the same case, political, geographical and amicable ideologies are derived from the social study of the use of language in different individuals. The patterns with which language is spoken is used to make descriptive judgments of the individuals who are involved in the language itself. These patterns and structures of language define the different varieties of language use that are in play in the current population. These patterns are usually derived from the recurring monotony in sound that describe the physical action of speaking, and its use in conveying meaning to the sense of hearing. Sociolinguistics includes the study of several language systems that are in play in colloquial situations to try to understand the meanings that are conveyed by the physical actions of speaking the language and the implications of the different variations on the individuals using the language. In this case, the YouTube video called produce Italians Moms Say will be analyzed in terms of the different variations of language use evident in the video. This paper will discuss the themes of language ideology, code switching, multilingualism, diaglossia and dialect. One of the first analyses of language use is focused on diaglossia, which refers to the use of deuce or more different dialects in a language use. Diaglossia in different communities usually defines the use of closely related dialects in one language community for different situations (Fansold 152). For example, in community, one variation of a dialect can be used for formal situations and the other variation of the language can be sued for slack conversations. In sociolinguistics, diaglossia is usually divided into 2 main language varieties, the first being the normal v ernacular usage of the language. The normal vernacular usage of a language is defined as a low-level variety, which is used for normal conversation outside formal areas of language use. The second variation of language use that concerns diaglossia is a highly codified variety, which refers to the language used in formal situations lime education or literature. The second high-codified branch of language use is usually not used in conversational situations, since it is too formal for this application. In this case, the highly codified variety of a language is usually an older stage of a language, for example, the use of Standard English, which is a derivation of common variations of normal English (Fansold 153. In the video being described, diaglossia is seen in the way the actors in the video use their English in informal situations, where the language is a low vernacular-based version of the language. The language is interjected with different language use mechanisms that would not qualify for use in formal settings. For example, the use of the phenomenal interjection by the mother in the video is not formally correct. The actors in the video use a localized version of the English language to communicate with other members, which, combined with the physical usage, defines a broad are of diaglossia. The effect of diaglossia in the video is also emphasized by the use of two languages of equal standing to convey meaning to the audience. The main speaker in the video repeatedly interjects Italian words into the English language, which defines the social structure of the audience in the video. This indicates that the main people in the video are Italian. The second language variety context use in the video is the

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