Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Intercultural Communications Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Intercultural Communications - Essay ExampleThis study operated on two essential aspects of planetary and non-international friendships of students. The scores base on intercultural attitudes and multicultural personality characteristics. The irony of the study regards the fact that students who had international friendships had low scores of intercultural interaction conception. It is vital to note that the study had a limited arrive of varieties to participants. This regards the fact that USA is an extensive area of varieties of cultural attitudes. For instance, there are schools that are located in rural areas. They differ from those that are located in town areas. The research group should reserve noted this and integrate varied data from different cultural scenarios. There are considerable and varied reactions to international students. For comprehensive information about cross-cultural interactions, research needs different contexts of intercultural friendships (Williams a nd Johnson 43). This is essential in eliminating barriers to comprehensive go outs. However, the research had a unique articulation. This regarded the fact that it based its theme on host attitudes, to international friendships. This was different from the familiar perspective of researching on international students, perceptions of their social scenarios. ... There were three hypotheses that based on this. To stick with, students, who had no international friendships, would have low emotional and cultural empathy. In addition, they would have low scores on open-mindedness and flexibility. Additionally, US students with no international friendships would have high scores on racism and related concepts of intolerance and emotional instability. Lastly, students, who had international friendships, would highly score on intercultural pictures and activities. The first hypothesis was the same to the result that stated of international friendships. It stated that students, who had inte rnational friendships, scored highly on open-mindedness. It is vital to note that the concept, of open-mindedness, is crucial for cross-cultural interactions. This is consistent with previous findings that state the same. In this sense, individuals, who are open-minded, have less inclination towards withdrawing themselves from other ethnic groups. The scores, of open-mindedness, are core elements of determining prejudice and intolerance. In this sense, highly open-minded individuals would have greater experience in inter-cultural communication and general interaction. As regards level of apprehension in communication, the results confirmed the second hypothesis. In this sense, students, who had international friendships, reported low apprehension in multi-cultural scenarios. This means that such students had low anxiety in cross-cultural scenarios because they had more experiences in the same. These findings are in line with the AUM theory that states of the same. It states that anx iety and apprehension

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