Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Applied or practicing anthropology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Applied or practicing anthropology - Essay Example Within each of these two sectors, there is also much diversity when it comes to what is really being produced or sold by them. On the whole, the annual rate of growth of the consumer product industry for manufacturing has been estimated to be 11.5% whiles that of the sales sectors has been pegged at 18% (Domingos 66). This shows a very strong and formidable industry in consumer products. Writing on the differences in the growth rate of these two sectors of the same industry, Cho indicated the sales sector experiences higher growth rate because of the level of involvement in this sector (51). This is to say that there are so many people involved in the sale of consumer products than can be said of those involved in the manufacturing of consumer products. Certainly, it is common to find a person engaged in the sale of one form of one form of consumer product or the other, wherever a person may be found. The visibility with the consumer sales sector has been attributed as a response to the rapid needs of consumers for these products (Case and Shiller 33). In a typical market, the sales sector of consumer product industry can be subdivided into wholesale and retail, where the growth within the retail division has also been said to be ahead of the wholesale division (Hatzi and Otto 97). Again, this situation has been attributed to the extent of proximity between retailers and consumers. This is because whereas wholesalers sell consumer products to retailers and other professional businesses, the retailers sell directly to customers or consumers (Gwartney, Stroup and Sobel 121). For this reason, whenever there is discussion on consumer demand, the first point of call is the retail, who receives the pressure from consumers. As far as China and for that matter Shenzhen is concerned, the retail division of the consumer product sales sector can be widely divided into traditional retailers and lifestyle retailers.

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