Tuesday, August 13, 2019

3003 3b Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

3003 3b - Essay Example Accounting has its own specialist terms and vocabulary which is used to disseminate accounting-specific knowledge. For this reason, literacy development is important in reading and understanding accounting theories and concepts successfully. Major subjects like Accounting also involve extensive academic writing for which literary understanding is quite useful. Kerry Dirk has dedicated an entire essay explaining the importance of genre-specific knowledge in writing. Dirk describes how genres can be told from one another and he mentions that knowledge about a particular subject or genre is significant in understanding its meaning efficiently and accurately (249). Giving the example of a joke about country music, the author explains that understanding the joke requires a previous knowledge of the country music genre and its other elements. Similar is the case in writing where every major subject is symbolized by its distinct use of language, format, genres, jargons, and so on. For this reason, literary knowledge not only helps in understanding important concept but also helps in advancing the knowledge bank. Accounting is one major discipline which may use complex language in the sense that their meanings could differ in the accounting context as opposed to their common usage. In order to develop the literacy skills that help in understanding and absorbing accounting terminology and language, journal reading helps remarkably. My preparation for my majors in Accounting involved extensive gathering of accounting knowledge including current developments in the financial sector. Remaining updated with the latest information from the industry is also a major part of developing literacy skills. Reading assists in developing the necessary accounting-specific word bank and it also familiarizes an individual with the terms and their meanings which could later be used as a reference to an accounting concept. Reading academic accounting

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