Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Describe 3 types of environments physically, emotionally and Essay

Describe 3 types of environments physically, emotionally and Psychological - Essay Example The physical environment has shaped my beliefs, values, feelings and behavioral tendencies towards preferences for architectural designs that incorporate ventilations, bright colors and flower gardens. The emotional environment especially at the family level and from peers has been supportive in my identity formation. I am able to interact well with strangers and gain trust of peers. Accordingly, I perceive myself as a respected individual who values human dignity and human rights. The physical environment has shaped my beliefs towards environmental conservation. Having growing up in a physical environment with diverse species of natural vegetation, I value environmental conservation and that is why I prefer living in houses with a garden with exotic trees and flowers (Nagar 90). The physical environment such as architecture of the buildings influenced my association with an urban lifestyle. I prefer living in clean cities that have access to essential amenities like water, electrici ty and recreational facilities like stadiums. Accordingly, I feel strong attachment with the local geographical landscape and family heritage. In this case, I would wish to change the paintings of my house to fit with the white paintings on the house I grew up and change the carpets on the floor (Nagar 78). I have a strong need to personalize the place I live so that I can feel more safe and empowered. Although I travel to different places, I try looking for places that make me more comfortable and offer me opportunities for play and relaxation. I prefer concerts in parks, watching football in stadiums and clean paths where I can ride bicycles. Accordingly, the smell of the garden flowers, moonrises and ocean waves that I used to experience in the environment have an identity impact since I associated flowers with happiness and ocean waves with violence. However, I experienced some psychological stressors related to the environment such as increased noise in the neighborhoods and hi gh temperatures once I started attending school (Nagar 108). In this case, I prefer living in cool environments that are free from natural catastrophes like tornadoes or earthquakes that I consider stressing. The stadiums, parks and sporting facilities influenced by interest in watching and cheering sports (Bechtel 78). The emotional environment has assisted me gain self-esteem through engaging in constructive conversations with family members and peers. I was able to display prosocial behaviors in schools and artistic expressions at both home and school. The emotional environment shaped my life-long struggle for stewardship activities and community involvement that aims at making a difference in different social and economic aspects of human life. For instance, I feel that I am respected and people are willing to listen to me especially when highlighting issues to do with climate change, need for social cohesion and education in the society (Nagar 302). The emotional environment wa s free from violence or crimes thus I have been able to abstain from aggressive behaviors or criminal activities. The emotional environment in my home and school advocated for high achievement, excellent cognitive functioning and persistence in pursuing both personal and academic goals (Bechtel 103). My peers at the workplace are emotionally intelligent, and influenced me in controlling negative moods. I perceive myself as a person with high emotional resilience since I

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