Saturday, August 24, 2019

Compare and contrast how do TV ads and Google Ads target customers, Research Proposal

Compare and contrast how do TV ads and Google Ads target customers, and what's their own advantages and disadvantages in that - Research Proposal Example The nature of the product is very important because there are some products and services which can only be advertised on TV because of their common use. Though the use of internet is increasing very much but still we can say that there are many old age people or many other ones who are not interested in the internet based technological world. For those customers the companies may have to revise their marketing strategies. For this kind of targeted part of market the companies may have to focus on the television as the advertising media for the promotion of their products and services. With the help of this research study we will try to provide a deep insight about the development of internet advertising as a tool. Despite the above mentioned part of market that is not interested in the online activities and thus not affected by the Google ads, the other maximum part of the target market is really affected by the internet advertisements. The use of internet is widely increased in the past few years. The research study shows that in the past decades the television advertising is the main source of product promotion for the companies (Lowrey, McCarty & Shrum 2004). But now the preference has been changes and the people are now more focused on the internet ads. The reason behind the change in the behavior is that now the internet is involved in maximum of the activities of the people. They are spending most of the leisure time on internet or on social media. Focusing on the interests of the people companies take advantage of this technology and start using internet a s the tool of advertising. And this strategy is very much famous now for most of the companies or businesses. This research paper will provide an overview of the online and TV advertisements and also the evaluation of both of them so that anyone can easily assess the level of

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