Saturday, August 24, 2019

Violating Company Social Networking Policy Assignment

Violating Company Social Networking Policy - Assignment Example NLRB ruled in favor of the employer because it is important that the activity should be concerted in order to provide relief to the employee in such cases. In this case, the employee was properly disciplined and therefore there was nothing wrong in it, according to the ruling and judgment of NLRB. Â  I agree with the decision of NLRB because it is also important to protect the rights of the employer. There are guidelines which NLRB has to follow and in this case, they have followed the guidelines. NLRB makes sure that rights of employees are not violated and employment terms are such that use of social media activity against employer does not become grounds for termination (Belicove, 2012). But the social media activity should be concerted, meaning that the employee should take up the issue with other employees before posting something online regarding his or her employer. This was not done and therefore this case was decided in favor of the employer. The decision was accurate because it was based on the laws and guidelines of NLRB and the termination of the employee was not legal because he did not talk about the issue with his fellow employees. Â  The decision would not have been taking in a positive way in any organization by the employees. Employees would feel that they were violated and employer got off because of a technical issue. The issue would have created many work-related problems and moral issues in any organization. Employees have a natural tendency to think positively regarding their fellow employees. Also because in this case the employee posted something that was very true and therefore sympathies of employee would always be with him. This would worsen the employee relations in any company and more and more of such cases would come up which will negatively affect employee productivity. Â  

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