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Economics as a instrument of power to curb Pakistan nuclear weapons Term Paper

Economics as a instrument of power to curb Pakistan nuclear weapons buildup - Term Paper Example Economics as a subject is at the centre of world attention, as it is through it that nations could face problems in their societies, ranging from stock market crash, to disasters, to devaluation of the currency or depression, economics involve the use of limited resources, its management and procuring additional resources. It is the method procurement which often runs debates in the local, as well in the international circles. Locally, the government might agree or disagree to views, and internationally rivals may limit the access to strategic resources (Chun, pp 4-5). The following report explores how economics is an element of national power and how has it helped to curb possible terrorist threats from certain third world countries like Pakistan. Pakistan’s nuclear arms build up Pakistan is a developing country situated in Asia, and suffers from many economics problems. It requires billions of dollars in foreign aid to feed its people, impart education to children and to fig ht insurgents, yet it was in the process of building a fourth nuclear reactor to produce more weapon fuel. Experts suggest that even without a reactor it had manufactured fuel for additional weapons and can soon be the world’s fifth largest arsenal, ahead of India and Britain. Threats include a possible takeover by the terrorists or the extremists by toppling the government of Pakistan and that can lead to a disaster. The biggest threat for Pakistan is not India, but rather the Taliban, and this has to be understood. Policies that can stop this mad race for nuclear arms can be taken by the United States by simply stopping all its financial help, but it can lead a whole lot of complications and destabilize Pakistan. What the US realizes is that stopping it is very difficult as countries such as India and China are also involved in the arms build ups, but slowing it down can be of significant help (Pakistan's Nuclear Folly, 2011). How economics can be used as an element of powe r Most people think of national power related to military power, there actually a lot more to it than the use of military power. A strong economy is that which can allow its leaders to choose some appropriate or desired end. Initially the United States had defined what people used to call an economic power. It had led the war against the Axis powers, fed millions of people around the world in aid and supplied materials wherever required. As times have changed and with the advent of Globalization the United States and other countries have to go beyond shores to get what they need. National leaderships can take various economic approaches to address any impending security concerns, by various economic methods. A country can always persuade or use its influence to change certain policies of other countries, such as reducing a trade import policy can make another nation agree to certain terms. A powerful country like the USA could force to change the behavior of any of its adversaries i f they pose any threat to international security. Lastly, a nation can end certain capabilities of the other nation by defeating them in some aim, such as overproducing something which the rival aims to produce to a certain capacity (Chun, pp.8-9). How the US achieves its goals as an economic power Foreign aid is a major component of the US budget and important for

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