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Gender&Global cinema Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Gender&Global cinema - Essay Example Identifying the concepts of marginalization and gender definitions in global film shows how the boundaries of gender are defined in various regions of society. Two films which portray this theme are A Question of Silence by Marleen Gorris and The Housemaid by Im Sang – Soo. The discourse of feminist theory in A Question of Silence is one which shows several areas of boundaries and marginalization, as well as a question of gender identity. The portrayal of the three women are first depicted, all which take on a traditional identity in terms of gender. However, this is broken when they move from shoplifting different items to beating the male shopkeeper to death. This specific action sets the gender identity into motion, specifically because the action is one which is not expected in relation to the female gender identity. The shock which this leaves is one which creates a suspicion that the women are insane and that the actions which were warranted were because of mental instability. After finding that this is not true, there becomes a question of what the intent was of beating the male shopkeeper, specifically because of the associated anger that was taken with the actions (Gorris, 1). The feminist discourse which is associated with this film is based on the silence of the women as well as the stereotypes and immediate associations with gender identity which is portrayed. The silent association with the fight is one which is displayed through the actions which the women take as well as the shift in actions. The narrative is one which depicts silence after the action which is taken; however, the women are all known to fight the male domination in society through the action of beating the male shopkeeper to death. The metaphor of violence, as well as the following assumptions, all show the concept of feminist identity and the marginalization which the women are placed into. The violence becomes a way to speak about the male domination in society as

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