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Management seminar Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Management seminar - Essay Example Common issues such as linkages between appraisals and increases in salary act as key determinants of the best system for the hospital relative to its overall goals and objectives as a healthcare institution. As part of the conclusion, the Mater Hospital administrators lack the required organization to ensure sustainability of such a medical institution as depicted by the current appraisal system. Assertively, the appraisal systems are equally significant as the reward and retention systems that appear to carry more weight in human resource management and it would be interesting to learn how organizations can link these systems for advanced efficiency. Accordingly, concrete talent management programs form the foundation for talent attraction and retention; however, most corporations overlook the fact that the leadership and management are the core overseers of talent, but through the set programs. Relatively, the control of talent and retaining employees is essential to the development and triumph of any corporation; moreover, the talent initiatives should go hand in hand with engagement, evaluation and reward strategies, as part of organizational cultures (Allen 2010). However, most of the discussions under human resources aspects focus on attraction, reward and retention with only a few giving sub-standard attention to appraisal and evaluation systems that are equally significant. Assertively, the aim of the case analysis on Mater Hospital is identifying the application of the appraisal systems and the depth at which they influence a certain organization. The foundation of the discussion is the bungling appraisal system in the h ospital, with the analysis focusing on Donald Kirkpatrick’s Learning and Training Evaluation theory. The Mater Hospital has multiple staff members from healthcare professionals, caregivers and support employees under administrators and supervisors that ensure quality and compassion in all areas. As per the hospitals values and

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