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Research design Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Research design - Essay Example 3. Aims of the dissertation To carry out a thorough investigation into the degree of security outbreak in the Oil Region of Niger Delta To determine the extent of damage of the outbreak of security has caused the Oil Region of Niger Delta To identify the individual roles of stakeholders such as government, the legislature, the military, civil society, private security companies and the international community and how far these roles have been played in solving the security problem of Niger Delta Oil Region. To propound theories on how the individual roles of stakeholders can be brought together to facilitate the improvement of security in Niger Delta Oil Region 4. Dissertation’s position in the existing literature The issue of improving security in the oil-rich Niger Delta Region of Nigeria has been tackled from an individualist point of view over the years whereby stakeholders such as government, civil society and the international community have worked independently to impro ve security. The role of government in solving the problem is for instance seen in the presidential campaign of 2011 whereby candidates are making campaign promises to the effect that when voted into power, they will help curb the problem. The incumbent president, Goodluck Jonathan is for instance quoted by Tribune (2011) as saying â€Å"his government has introduced a series of new anti-terrorism measures, including better control of explosive materials, inspections of police-licensed armouries and the installation of closed-circuit televisions to better monitor public places† to ensure security in the region. With regards to the international community, the BBC News (2008) reports of Gordon Brown saying the best way to tackle the problem is to "identify a training and advisory support package" and that Britain is ready to help Nigeria in that regard. Most researchers embrace the individual responsibilities of stakeholders in solving the problem. Whiles tracing the root of t he security problem in Niger Delta to uneven distribution of oil wealth, Crane (2006) puts a lot of the responsibility on government alone saying once government ensures fairness, security would improve. The context of this research however refuses to single out one stakeholder in curtailing the situation. The basis of this research is rooted in the fact that no one stakeholder can handle the problem independently. Evidence of this claim is in the failure for the individual stakeholders to achieve security since efforts to ensure security started years back. In a Whitepaper released in the 2007 on Oil Transparency in the Niger Delta for instance, report is made of how individual stakeholders; especially government have put in place measures to curtail the problem of security to no avail. It is reported for instance that In January 2001, the government through an Act of the National Assembly established the Niger Delta Development Commission, ostensibly in response to lingering accus ations of neglect of the Niger Delta. (Sofiri, 2007, p.20). It is pathetic therefore that the problem still persists. The research therefore seeks to agree with collaborative effort by all stakeholders as in the assertion made by Junger (2007) suggesting that to stop the war, there should be included restitution for the environmental damage wrought by the oil industry, greater control over oil revenues for local government, and development aid to improve living conditions in the delta (Omeje,

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