Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Professional Ethics and Responsibilities in Computer Technology Research Paper

Professional Ethics and Responsibilities in Computer Technology - Research Paper Example However, software developers, individuals and businesses have to think about the rights and wrongs of making use of the information technology every day. The basic concerns essential to the world of IT are the end user's anticipations of privacy and the provider's ethical responsibility to utilize email or applications (Katers, 2012). Due to quickly changing environment of information technology, new and complex ethical concerns are emerging that bring into question the capability of society to tackle, and self-confidently resolve them. These serious issues and concerns are taking place in different fields such as information technology, biotechnology, nuclear technology, nanotechnology (Kastenberg, 2011). This paper discusses the role of the professional ethics and responsibilities in computer technology. The basic aim of this research is to discuss the importance and relevance of computer ethics in information technology. ... Moreover, in a business environment, some of the important professional ethical issues can be: (Sembok, 2003; Duke University, 2011) Managing human resource issues Impartiality in data analysis and professional consulting Data privacy Resolution of conflicts of interest Professional accountability Software piracy Academic honesty Adherence to confidentiality agreements In addition, the problems and issues of IT Ethics have recently turned out to be the biggest challenge for business organizations as well as individuals. In this scenario, the potential to put huge material on the web has attracted a vast majority of people. However, developing systems and applications have quietly concealed the issues and complexities as well as aggravations that were concerned in writing HTML; increasingly websites are being developed by people with a comparatively diffident quantity of computer systems (Schweitzer, 2005). The incorporation of new technology based systems has been almost never so sim ple. Moreover, as the web started to expand out of its shortened immaturity, a wide variety of new problems and concerns emerged repeatedly, and a majority of concerns and issues remained unresolved. Moreover, a lot of problems and concerns hold powerful ethics related data and information content. As the potential to arrive at millions of people immediately has passed into the hands of the individuals, the quick emergence of thorny ethical concerns is probable to carry-on unabated (Schweitzer, 2005). Common Dilemmas As ethics is not a black-and-white topic, the choices we formulate could affect our business or even our living. There are numerous ethical problems that can happen while making use of networking, social media or any IT based

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