Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Joe Salatino, President of Great Northern American Case Study Research Paper

Joe Salatino, President of Great Northern American Case Study - Research Paper Example By this, assumption is that Joe’s employees will be prosperous because they were able to take their responsibilities, which are their capacity to attribute. Similarly, the attribute effort is because they managed time and dedicated their effort at meeting their customer base. A challenge in their tasks is mainly conquered by making necessary effort and determination. Additionally, even with significant effort, ability and role-challenge, workers have to attribute some amount of fortune. Individual mood and time should coincide with workers fortune. Discussion This discussion will investigate Joe the leader of famous Northern American firm, and his workers and how workers should comprehend the significance of how people form perception and make attributions. Joe believes that his workers have created a strong and effective relationship with their clients thought diverse techniques use in the business. The discussion will explain learning social theory, significance of the theor y in Joe’s case and the application of the theory in improving workers performance, in the company, (Martinko, 2004). Worker need to comprehend how people create opinions and make attributions because perception is a crucial process by which people choose, select, coordinate, explain, interpret and react to information. Workers are regularly exposed to diverse information, and they know when managers are deceiving. People analyze the information in their mind and organize it to create concepts regarding their experiences and senses. Different individuals perceive different cases differently based on what they selectively perceive and organize and explain what leaders and workers perceive. The attributions made by managers and workers about the causes of behaviors are crucial for behavior understanding. For instance, a manger that attributes inadequate production directly to his employees is likely to act increasingly punitively than a manager who attributes inefficient perfor mance to situations beyond the control of his subordinates. A leader who acknowledges that a worker performed poorly because she had insufficient training or skills may comprehend, and give the person adequate instructions or extra training. Comprehending the significance of how individuals form opinions and tailor attributions will aid Joe’s workers in establishing and sustaining strong, trusted and culturally solid connection with customers. Ensuring that workers realize cultural diversities and perceptions of their clients minimizes the tendency of workers unintentionally offending clients. What people consider as a sincere hand waving as a way saying Hi and goodbye can be perceived different by a person from India or Japanese. A mere index finger curling indicating, â€Å"come closer† may be interpreted by an Australian and Indonesian as prostitution solicitation. A number of people are not aware of both verbal and non-verbal social cultural differences among cultu res. Therefore, if Salatino educates his workers on factors that influence an individual’s perception, workers will have extra knowledge and expertise to create strong connections. It will also aid workers comprehend how individuals form perceptions and tailor attributions about different people, (Williams & Noyes, 2007). Some external factors that influence perception and attribution involve intensity, differences,

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