Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Why bioinformatics and proteomic application essential in the Annotated Bibliography

Why bioinformatics and proteomic application essential in the diagnosis of complex disease such as cancer - Annotated Bibliography Example However, the article’s limitation is that it does not clearly distinguish the number of females and males plus kids in the study. Martin, J., Regad, L., Etchebest, C., & Camproux, A. (2008). Taking advantage of local structure descriptors to analyze interresidue contacts in protein structures and protein complexes. Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics, 73(3), 672-689. 3-Duh, Q. (2004) It is noteworthy that the article first describes cancer as caused by the alteration of not only the proteome, but also a genome. These changes inculcate the ability to evade normal cellular control mechanism on cancer cells hence prompting its uncontrolled growth. The article further demonstrates that prior to the efforts of scientists; cancer is controllable to some extent, or even totally if detected at its early stages. Considerably, among the several individuals who were interviewed on the same, are concluded to be ignorant. It emerged that the respondents sought the medical attention upon developing the symptoms of the disorder. However, the limitation of the article is that it does not illustrate perfectly the reason to why patients usually seek medical help at a later stage of cancer. The importance of bioinformatics in cancer disease is highlighted in this article. Bioinformatics is the study of predictive molecular signatures also called biomarkers. Biomarkers are a form of molecules whose occurrence indicates the pedigree of several diseases. This is a point where the scientists started to explore in their quest to find a limiting factor to this terrible disease. It is imperative that the author of this article did not highlight on the details of the biomarkers, thus, the arguments are limited. The author alludes that the biomarkers have been discovered to limit the severity of the disease in human body. The above article states that, since the growth of cancer portrays a form of multi-scale process, which is dominated by an invariable that exudes

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