Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Solar renewable energy Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Solar renewable energy - Research Paper Example Solar energy is the energy that comes from the sun in the solar radiation form which is used in heating or generation of electricity. To generate electricity using solar powered electricity generation system, one requires using photovoltaic or heat engines known as concentrated solar power. Some of the most common solar applications include solar cooling using solar architecture, lighting, heating of the space, solar cooking, high temperature industrial process heating and solar water heating application among others. There exists a broader solar technology classification into active and passive solar which depends on how they are captured. The practice that uses photovoltaic panels and thermal collectors to harness the solar energy is referred to as active technique while the technique that orientates the building to the sun, selects materials that possess good thermal mass or favorable light dispersing properties and design light pathways that circulates air naturally, is known as a passive technique.By the year 2100, the world population will be in excess of twelve billion people. This will push subsequently push the world’s energy requirement to be five times the current demand if the technological progress and innovation keep up with its current trend. If the current rate with which we utilize coal, gas and oil continues, the global temperature will increase by two degrees Celsius by 2020. This will cause adverse effects such as increased flooding in the lowland areas., desertification and climate change all over the world. While it is known for a fact that renewable energy contributes to only 11% of our primary energy consumption in the world today, and we really want to do something to save our planet, then this renewable energy must form part of our daily energy consumption. We are highly expecting that by 2070, 60% of our energy will come from renewable energy. We need to employ the attitude that today is better than tomorrow and the sooner we d o that, the better to raise this figure by 20% so as to reach 80% by2070. According to one of the World Renewable Energy Network (WREN) journals, several bodies including the World Solar Summit, the World Bank and the World Solar Decade have come up in support of the projects dealing with the renewable energy and the environment conservation which can be seen by their recent over four billion dollar allocations towards the same. This can clearly show how important renewable energy is viewed from the face of the world as the new source of power for the future. This research therefore tries to discover the merits and demerits of the renewable energy and especially solar energy, the fundamental principles of renewable energy, how we try to apply science and technology in our efforts to conserve the environment as well as how we can carry out solar water heating in our efforts to go to renewable energy. Solar renewable energy (Fundamental principles of renewable energy) From the definitions of renewable and non-renewable energies, the fundamental differences can be pinpointed. Consequently, there must be a correct application of certain principles for

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