Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Touch Screen Systems for Health Care Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Touch Screen Systems for Health Care - Essay Example It would serve as a vital tool within healthcare system. The Touchscreen kiosk would have several objectives that would mainly be for the benefit of the hospital and for creating greater awareness in patients so as to improve the quality of care. There would be some risks with the project including refusal from various quarters of the hospital to help with the delivery, improper location of the kiosks, sudden decisions taken by the management not to support the project, database/server failures, networking issues, power failure, poor hardware and software quality causing dysfunction periods, poor user interface, graphical designs, etc. The implementation costs of the TKIP would be around $500,000 with the running costs of $5000 per month. A revamp of the kiosk system would be planned every 3 to 4 years. The hospital has planned the implementation of the kiosks after a one year period when the procurement of resources, setting up network points and installing the kiosks, running the h ardware, developing the user interface and creating the content would be ready. The funding from the same would come from the IT budget that is print for the hospital. Internally and externally content management software would be required along with an interface to provide remote support to the various kiosks deployed in the hospital and in remote locations. In terms of scope, the customer expects to obtain greater knowledge and be able to make informed decisions regarding the healthcare. In this way, the customers can feel that they are fully in control of their body and, hence, the quality of services provided would increase. The entire project would be implemented by the Project Management Team which would work in coordination with the Department of Medical Informatics and Healthcare IT (DMIHIT) of the Hospital. The project proposed is for the implementation of touchscreen

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