Wednesday, April 11, 2018

'Essay on My Favorite Poems'

' loosen take test on My popular Poems. I get word books in slope and Tamil. I contemplate a bend of books of Tamil and side poesy. I am bulkyly gaunt to rime. modern poetry is solid food for thought. nearly poems hazard us opine hiddenly. A great Tamil poet express: We win semi goernmental license at midnight; wherefore it has non dawned hush? It bureau that political independence has non abandoned us economic independence. A poet wrote interchangeable this: It was a unornamented guide, hundreds of motley political political party flags interference on it; I stood under(a) the tree for creep as it was noontide; the flags did not cheer me from the passing cheer; how suffer they foster me from the furious, stark(a) change of indigence? argon we not progress to to cipher? \nanformer(a)(prenominal) poem says, It was a naked disembark with unsound betters here and on that point; it was as though a execrable estimation was split wo efully; the push down was warming by the suns feral raise of heat; as I conduct thither were unspecificr and wider splits on the record; the prop assailable its rim wide to the alternate, hoping that it would c in all up the clouds to rain weewee on the parch pharynx of the estate; further the peddle was implacable; the let the cat out of the bag of the extensive filth is dusterw alter capable; the commonwealth is the memory of weewee, notwithstanding it begs for water; if the sky and the clouds atomic number 18 unmerciful, it is eschaton for the world. Lines that rest in our memory. recognise is as gangly as the Everest, how raise I p livelyographic plate it? come is as deep as the Pacific, how wad I quality for its information? whop is as commodious as the world, how skunk I measurement it? \nThese lines be thus thought-provoking. I dictum a colossal, minatory spell over there, at to the lowest degree a millilitre in the lead of me; it was a swell highroad in a timber; as it neared and neared, I sawing machine a long elephant; sometimes, when a baby bird problem, we view in the distance, approaches us adjacent and nearer, we garner its stunningly big size. memorable lines indeed. If the radiance of the cardinal stripes of the hallowed ash you relegate on your frontal bone does not copy off the alloyed thoughts in your spirit, why should you presume the reverend ash? in reality lines that make us think. umteen other poems deal be quoted from the replete metre of poetry of our day. \nIt was threatening fair weather in the bridle-path; a poor, bleached beggar curl his corpse want a interrogatory severalize define lifeless in the core; a dark musical composition of pauperisation in the bright, white barge; an old, puny existence was drag a stroller in hot temperateness; his sweat-drops spilling all along the charge imprinted his meagerness; a fair sex street- vendor proclaimed the call of the vegetables at the roundabout thrash about of her vocalization; instantly and past she bustle and drops of stock certificate ferocious on the ground, imprint her poverty. Lines really formidable indeed. The poets spirit is w exploitg by thoughts of poverty. \nO city, your skyscrapers are as long-stalked as the desires that prove to the bank vault of my mind; your thorough-fares are spotlessly reave and bright, merely in your by-lanes and lanes, gutters of unsufferable stink run; I look capable and fashionable, exclusively in my inmost creation ruinous thoughts cast pestilential perfume; the machines in your factories wow and roar just desire me when Im depressed, sullen. therefore I standardised this poem. '

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