Saturday, October 5, 2019

Postmans critique essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Postmans critique - Essay Example Therefore, this paper seeks to analyze the strengths and weakness of his conviction. Postman explicates the manner in which computers are indispensable to high level researches in Physics and other natural sciences (Postman, 1992). He asserts that the main beneficiaries of computer technology are the winners, a group comprising of individuals who have already wielded the most power. This is ascribed to the element that the winners can easily tell losers to use novel technology in order to make their lives efficient. This shows that winners are already powerful and they use their position to increase power through technological advancements. For instance, large-scale organizations, such as financial institutions, large manufacturing companies, airlines, and even the state and federal government use novel technological knowledge to execute their duties; thus, making them excel over others (losers). Postman main argument is that technological disadvantages have exceeded the advantages. In explaining his assertion, he questions the use of computers that have negatively affected people’s lives by posing, â€Å"but to what extent has computer technology been an advantage to the masses of people?† (Postman, 1992). In asking this question, he tries to convince his readers that technology has not done any good to the masses. This is not true since computers have made work easier for businessmen, accountants, musicians, just to mention but a few. Associate professor of Communications, Mary Beadle, writes â€Å"Convenience, comfort and speed are valued; thus, old sources of beliefs such as church, school, family have diminished† (Beadle, 1995). This implies that the new technology have come up with novel ways of doing things that render the old ways obsolete. Postman makes a strong case for the fact that the primary disadvantage of â€Å"the losers† in the age of computers are those individuals and small businesses that

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